Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bumi Not Booming and The Economist Magazine

Maybe that is where KJ and his cohort Omar Ong, the super punahsihat to PM Najib  get their in-silo view:- anything that benefit Bumi must be killed. For KJ he went further by manifesting his  liberated view in his victory speech over The Star, DAP's new mouthpiece.
Laments Tun Mahathir about The Economist which seem to know how to fix every ailment in this world :

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

"The world is in a bad shape because politicians instead of journalists run it. I came to this conclusion after reading a copy of The Economist, the British magazine. The writers in the Economist seem to know everything that ails the world and they also know how all these ailment can be cured."

The former  Prime Minister of Malaysia added:

And now Malaysia. “Bumi, Not Booming”  link HERE  is about Najib’s announcement of a policy known as “the Bumiputra Economic Empowerment”. This hideous policy discriminates against the Chinese who make up 25% of the population but run much of Malaysia’s business, and Indians 7% but having disproportionate presence in the professions.
 7. Apparently any attempt to give the Malays and the indigenous people (68%) a share in the business (and the wealth) and to become professionals is unfair, wrong and unjust. Liberal people should not do this. If they get no share of the wealth and places in the professions, they should just be poor spectators.

8. Prior to the Elections Najib had tried to win over the Chinese by ignoring the plight of the Malays. He even ignored the National Education Policy by supporting Chinese education with money. He tried to endear himself to the Chinese with more money. However the Chinese voters rejected him. Only 3% voted for him. Sounds like gross ungratefulness. For this Najib should dole out some more money, which would be the right thing to do.

But the Malays supported him. Apparently according to the Economist it is wrong to support those who support you. You don’t do that in civilised countries. Let the supporters rot. 10. The proper thing to do is to help people who are already well off to be even more well off.

11. In fact one should help the richer community get even richer and the poor community poorer. If there are poor people among the rich community make sure they become rich first before taking any notice of the poor in the poor community.

Further reading on his latest article penned on 14 Oct 2013 Chedet



AnNisbah said...

It is very very very interesting thing that kj won all the votes and his opponets won nothing. Is that so?

What is/are the message that is hidden? I would watch my back if I am kj. Pity pity pity little blue eye boy...

Anonymous said...

True honest votes or the-after- much- persuasion- and- coercion votes or instruction -from- overseas superpower votes ? Hurmmm I wonder too