Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why do Nizar's camry car turned turtle?

From the famous " Why do the chicken crossed the road" folklore.

A car turned turtle on the intersection of Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin in Ipoh today. The exact spot of the unfortunate accident was in front of UMNO building and next to Casuarina Hotel.

Why do the car turned turtle?

School children- the driver was driving dangerously (kids always answer the truth)

PAS members- oh it is UMNO's conspiracy. Our previous Vice President died of car accident in the 1960s

PAS Hasan Ali- the driver was demotivated

PAS Nik Aziz- celako, celako, celako semua bloggers, there is NO CAR ACCIDENT INVOLVING PAS member!

PAS Harakah-celako, celako,celako, these are all UMNO's propaganda, there is no car accident involving PAS member, WE REPEAT, THERE IS NO CAR ACCIDENT INVOLVING PAS MEMBER!

PAS Nik Amalina- pemandunya memandu " daring" bagi seorang pemadu PAS di Perak dan Kelantan. Ambo nak ghoyat kat laki ambo Ariffahmi supaya tok seh suruh Nizar memandu kereta kami bila gi Perak

PAS Khalid Samad- I will not comment on this accident (even when the accident really happened) because if I do I will be asked to leave PAS, for I have, unfortunately, taken the oath/bai'ah to talaq my wife with the worse kind of talaq 3 should I betray PAS

PAS ADUNs and MPs- aye, aye, we will jussst say "aye" even if it contradict our personal belief , for we are tied down by the talaq bai'ah.

PKR Zulkifli Kulim-I dare PAS Khalid Samad to make the "sumpah laknat " as proof so to say that these car accident NEVER happen!

PKR Khalid CM of Selangor- I, I, I happened to have a few rounds of karaoke sessions with my dear friend Nizar on the night before

DAP Nga and Ngeh- I told you to drive more dangerously and make the car accident worse so that UMNO got the blame!

DAP Lim Kit Siang- Haiya this one ah, is a good news diversion so that my son Lim Guan Eng can buy more time to hire the best lawyer team for his upcoming subjudice case filed by the police over Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

DAP Gobind Sing Deo- Hello, Dr. Porntip, are you still allowed ( legally and professionally because your practice license has been struct off due to your scuffle with Thai Royal Family) to make a press statement on latest car accident involving Nizar? Hello, hello, hello??

DAP Karpal Singh- I demand (thumping hands on table at Parliment) for an a Royal Commission to be set up for Nizar's unfortunate car accident!

UMNO Tun Dr. Mahathir / via Che Det blog- I was told by reliable sources from Ipoh Hospital that Nizar suffered concussion on his cranial bones. Cranial injury, and internal haemorrage is dangerous, thus it is advisable for Nizar not to make any press statement. He might be in state of shock. Should he have any blurred vision and stuttered speech........he should consider taking a rest from his political career.

UMNO Zambry- I told you so Nizar, you should have return the Camry car. Now we will take it for repairs. As the asset belongs to the state government, we have to ascertain that the car is still repairable. If the damage is extensive, we have to file a report for "lupuskira" An audit report should be followed if not we will be answerable in 2010 Audit Report by Government Of Malaysia

DAP Nga and Ngeh again- hey, this matter is only answerable to Transparancy Board of Perak, of which we are still the chairman cum prosecutor

DAP Sivakumar/ex Perak Speaker- I will take my speaker's robe from the present Speaker and start a proceeding during next DUN meeting

Bukit Gantang folks- we told you so Nizar, the MP title for Bukit Gantang is too holy for you, maybe you should perform self muhasabah and perform taubat prayers for betraying our hope.


wakdanial said...

salam perjuangan bro..nice article :)

Mohd said...

Ini adalah akibatnya doa TGNA yg sangat mustajab!

Anonymous said...

Since these people think lowly of Proton perdana, berhaps its ALlah way of wake up call not to be arrogant.

Camry also can turn turttle. What if it had been a Proton Predana? PAS/Pis supporters will go to town painting how unsafe and substandard is Proton.

We seems to be the only nation that keeps knocking down our own product.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

anakbukitgantang said...

Dear Anon,

I agree with you.We should buy Malaysian Products first,and buy foreign product last

solvency.sbam said...

pada Mohd: doa TGNA mustajablah sangat... hohohoho.. doa aku pun lebih kurang doa dia jer....