Monday, September 21, 2009

2013-back to the future - a simulation on Malaysia's worst case political scenario

Clown? Nay it is politicians

Companies like The Dutch Shell Group of Companies are known to be very successful in predicting the future phenomenon in the very connected socio-politico-business environment, and that surviving instict has kept the company afloat and agile - to survive yet another economic downturn the world over.

While other oil and gas company are scrambling to find oil reserve in far off countries in an ever depleting fossil fuel duel amongs oil giants, Shell is taking the path less travelled and going green.

The secret to the "think-out-of-the -box approach" by Shell is to create at least three scenarios for Shell Company world wide to face: the best case scenario, the present (undististurbed scenario serves as a calibrating instrument) case scenario and worst case scenario.

Now I would like to ask the readers to put the "Shell simulating scenario game" into Malaysian politics.........imagine the worst case scenario for Malaysia like this, come 2012:-

It is year 2013- Malaysia has been put in a catch 22 situation and more trouble is to come

It has been a year since, Barisan Nasional, the coalition party of UMNO, MCA,MIC has been (finally sic!) put to death; when Pakatan Rakyat successfully take over the mantle of Malaysian political helm from Barisan Nasional via a massive landslide victory in General Election 13, 2012!

Unlike the Indians (in the Indian sub-continent) who voted for continuos prosperity and stability under the economic master of Manmohan Singh, who masterminded the Indian economic prowess to the world, and a stark shift from the old , closed socialist economic of his predescessor, Malaysians like to vote for riskier, untested, untried coalition of Pakatan Rakyat.

Forget the Pakatan Rakyat earlier failure to steer clear off the economic problems ( and some bancruptcy threats) of the remaining four (4) states under them previously, namely Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan.

Gullible and naive Malaysian fall prey (again?) to the sweet general election campaign promises of Pakatan Rakyat.

This time The Pakatan Team promise the "heaven"; the new moon for planet earth, the stars, the sun and a hefty golden bust (head figurine) of King Tutankemon of ancient Egypt to every Tom, Dick and Harry who vote for Pakatan Rakyat!.

Oh,not only that, to fulfill the promise made during General Elections 13, it is now legal to sue any utility companies which issued bills. Utility, as per election promised, is free. Forget the facts that Petronas, Syabas, TNB are going bancrupt. There are enough oil, sands, water (inclusive of underground water as pre-ventured by Pakatan Rakyat's team in Perak-pre MB Zambri's suceeding as the state's Menteri Besar), alluvial minerals such as tin, silver, gold and untapped forest reserve (the logs and herbs) to serve a collaterals for loans from the World Bank.

The old school of thought on economics, a.k.a Mahathirism economic that steer clear of any International Monetary Funds (IMF) and World Bank loan is outdated and deemed passe. Forget that the rakyat will suffer due to higher interest rate when they pay loans to the banks.....Pakatan Rakyat wins means that the economic system of Anwarism is back in full swing! So now, the main priority is for Malaysia to pay off debt to IMF and World Bank! The rakyat, can now follow in the foot steps of many Indians, Indonesians and Filipinos nationals who had to resort to selling off their internal body organs to pay off loans from banks and loan sharks (Ah Longs will be highly protected species then, because Pakatan Rakyat successfully trashed away the Police, Malaysia Anti Corruption Committee, army etc)

Not only that, in the now bancrupt state of Selangor, YB Lenjan promise to strip oopsy whip (tease?) many more photos flicks , with a royalty this time around, to raise the state's depleting fund. YB Yang Amat Puteh (tanpa dosa) promise any Tom, Dick and Harry RM 200 (that is the standard fee nowadays for any tricky jobs like attending demostrations and carrying anti establishment protest placards) for reporting illegal azan. Under the new Azan Act (2013), which eerily follows the Selangor State Enactment passed by Pakatan Rakyat with no objection motion from the state's opposition (Barisan Nasional excos are all booted out from the State's Assembly a.k.a DUN before the enactment is presented), azan is now deemed illegal, in Malaysia, if it is not accompanied by the adjoining mosque- temple's chanting bell, as have been succesfully implemented in Section 18,19,22 and 23 Shah Alam.

There will be more frequent demostrations regarding "relocation" of the poor and the destitude like Kg Buah Pala and Kg Cheruk Tok Kun In Penang. Forget the grave marker proof that the settlement in Cheruk Tok Kun is 300 years old. The settlements and all other Malay Kampungs are deemed illegals . Like many other attempts before, blame everything on Barisan Nasional. The Pakatan Rakyat leader of Malaysia now can walk undisturbed because they have shift the blame to Barisan Nasional, as usual.

If the demonstrations persist, put every demonstrators in ISA like camps. Oh no! It is not ISA camp in Kamunting. No, no, it is simply a "rehabilitation camp" like so many others in United States Of America........ for every system, technique and mode of life originating from that country is superior and benchmarked for excellence!

What about Freedom of the Press? Nay! There is no such thing as freedom of the press! If any talk persist blaming any Pakatan Rakyat leaders, cronies, wives, girlfriends (now it is legal for girlfriends to state their boyfriend's name as fathers of their babies even when they do not tied the marriage knot), boyfriends, extra chummy (good) friends and underworld contacts for any mishap, sue them! After all the now famous YB Pocho Pocho (who has Bollywood films made about his infamous crusade turning poor government officer witnesses into crime suspects and extra gruelling questioning technique learnt at Guantenamo prison ) can represent you for a price!

What about the Barisan Nasional crusade to reduce the economic disparity between the poor and the rich? What crusade? Under the newly nationalised Malaysian Malaysia princip (previously the main crusade of DAP), it is survival of the fittest. Period!

This means that a poor Iban or Kedazan in remote areas of Sarawak or Sabah has to contest on equal ground for university entrance exam or for job entry. Oh the poor Iban or Kadazan has to find their own computers to fill in their particulars for job market. For now it is e -government 100%.

Oh what about the poor and displaced Malays? Oh the Malay are the gullible lot! Just send Nizar the joker to remote and poor areas of the Malay settlements ( remember all kampongs are earmarked for further development like Kg Buah Pala right?) and give them RM 100, half a kilogram rice and some smile (like they did in Bukit Gantang By Election). Definately their grouses will dissapear. In fact the same tactics has been proven so succesfull in Singapore that Pakatan Rakyat should adopt the same tactics in Malaysia soonest! Also, taking lessons from down south; it is good to include willing and extra chummy Malay politicians who simply become "yes man" (and enriching their pocket in the process) to further DAP's political agenda.

By The Way- the reunification of Malaysia and Singapore is sealed. Richer Singaporeans now can grab (buy at a much high price) any land or real estate , to settle down in the now called authoritative like police- country of Malaysingapore. The poor majority, which happens to be the Malays will have to scramble for livelihood. After all it is noted in the Singaporean literature that the Malays are actually IMMIGRANTS and island hopping from one island to another in the Malay Archipellago! Period!

Maybe it is now legal to set up convenient stores that sell liquor at any kindy. After all, according to the new legal interpretation of "arak" in Malaysia, if the "juice" contains less than 5% of alcohol, it is not categorised as alcoholic beverages or "arak". Period!

If all method for the now misled and fooled rakyat to air their grouses fail, simply make the Parliament off limit to the any people representatives aside from Pakatan Rakyat!





anakbukitgantang said...

berita terkini

ABG menulis artikel ini sewaktu terasa ada gerak hati

malam ini ABG mendapat khabar rupanya sudah ada yg mengharamkan takbir raya di Permatang Pauh-kubu kuat PKR dan Brother Anwar di Pulau Pinang

sama sama lah kita berdoa agar ini tidak merebak ke sluruh negara

anakbukitgantang said...

satu lagi blog yg membawa beita yg sama

Junah said...


sound perdiction. chinese gave their vote to mahathir in 1999 to save their ass from beign slaughter like the rest from indon and thailand.

anakbukitgantang said...

Thanks Jonah,

This is the worst case scenario simualated. However, it serves as a grim reminder ( and a time bomb reminder) if Malaysians still play polarised politics.