Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tindakan Kerajaan Malaysia maseh berhemah dalam menghadapi pengacau keamanan

Di negara penegak DEMOKRASI seperti Australia, Amerika Syarikat dan Kesatuan Eropah pendemo akan di kepung dengan  kawad dawai berduri, dipukul dengan kayu cota dan ditembak dengan peluru getah. Di Thailand pula pendemo akan ditembak dengan peluru hidup dan tempat tersebut akan dikenakan "curfew" selama beberapa hari.
Ingatlah Hadis Sahih Bukhari, "Allah akan takdirkan naiknya pemimpin yg zalim bila penduduk negeri tersebut  zalim". Oleh itu  jangan menzalimi diri kerana  memfitnah Kerajaan Malaysia zalim. Tiada dalil dan nas yang menghalalkan meruntuhkan Kerajaan Islam!
Baca artikel asal dalam Bahasa Inggeris di sini
I tend to agreed with Nile Bowie, that  the  Malaysian government is still taking the SOFT APPROACH when dealing with dissidents and rowdy crowd that want to topple the government-
"Whether we’d like to admit it or not, the authorities have been extremely soft ...on public gatherings, candlelight vigils, and opposition rallies held after the May 5 election. Rallies were met with no resistance; few if any security personnel were in attendance, and attendees were not infringed upon or prevented from exercising their freedom of expression.

As far as I am aware, the police did not exercise force upon any rally-goer, nor did authorities block access to print or digital media that is favourable to the opposition prior to the recent arrests of Adli and others.

By international standards, the response of the state has been extremely liberal. In countries such as Australia, the United States, and within the European Union, public displays of dissent are more often than not met with police batons and ‘less-lethal’ munitions such as rubber bullets. (Malaysia does not use the latter.)

In the regional context, the crowd dispersal protocols in neighbouring countries are significantly more heavy-handed than practices in Malaysia. When Thailand faced significant political unrest in 2010 over challenges to the rule of former PM Abhisit Vejjajiva, the government authorised the use of live ammunition and ordered curfews for several days; popular areas of Bangkok looked like war-zones, the domestic economy nearly ground to a halt, and handfuls of civilian causalities
were incurred " Read more

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