Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Priest gets Ticked Off for Political Sermon


Rev Father Jean-Claude

For the first time in Malaysian church history, a member of the congregation stood up and told the preacher to stop his sermon.
This happened during the 11.30 am mass last Sunday at the Assumption Catholic Church in Petaling Jaya.

There was the usual silence when assistant Parish Priest, Rev. Father Jean-Claude took his place at the pulpit and started his usual Sunday sermon. As in previous Sundays, the sermon was punctured with anti-establishment political messages. Seven minutes into his address, one member of the congregation stood up. Clearly agitated, the 65-year-old man waved his hands and shouted: “Enough. Please, no more political sermons on Church grounds“.
Taken aback, Father Jean-Claude paused, and then continued with his sermon, minus any more reference to politics.

After the service, there was a mixed reaction from the regular worshipers to the sermon interruption.
Said a 59-year-old housewife who declined to be named: “Politics should not enter the Church. This is a place to worship God“.
Some felt that if politics was to be discussed, it should not be done during mass, but at a non-religious function. Some others felt it was the duty of Christians to be active in politics, but to be fair, the congregation must be allowed to hear the views of both sides.
A one-sided sermon does injustice just as Jesus refused to take sides,” said another.
Traditionally, the Church frowns on attempts to interrupt a pastor’s sermon. But the priests do face criticism, after the service.

Said a regular church-goer:”I have never heard of another case where a priest was told off in mid-sermon. Let this be a reminder to other priests who are also politically motivated“.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I feel sad when I hear this incidence happened in the Catholic church especially when this is alleged as 'the first time in Malaysian Church history'. Sounds like a heroic act! I only hope that there is no more second time. I can assume that, that particular person, a member of the congregation who stopped Rev.Fr. Jean-Claude is a Catholic. If he is not or is a member of other Protestant Church then of course I can fully understand him and reserved my comment. But then if he is a Catholic, my brotherly advice to him is, get to know your Catholic faith deeper or get to know the CCC better. As a Catholic I would not dare to interfere, let alone stop a Priest from proceeding on with his sermon or homily during the mass. To us Catholics, the Mass is a very important celebration. It is the source and summit of all Catholics celebration where God himself is visiting, talking and offering His Body and Blood that Baptised Catholics received at the Holy Communion through the sacrifice of the mass be they be daily or weekly. As Catholics we must depend and protect the sanctity and holiness of that celebration at all costs through love and sharing our faith with our Catholic brethren. Bearing in mind that the priest is acting in 'persona christi' ie in the person of Christ during the Mass. In the Liturgy of the word, of which the Homily is a part of it, God in the person of the Priest is speaking to the congregation. Of course we did response that earlier on in the responsorial psalms. It matters not whether the priest in your opinion is talking nonsense or otherwise. God will take care of that. Don't take the 'heroic act' of interfering the Priest's homily during the mass. By doing that you are disturbing the attention of the faithfuls and hindering the sanctity and holiness of the celebration altogether. If you feel that there is something wrong in the Priest's homily approach that priest personally after the mass and discuss with him. By doing that you not only help him (if that's your intention) but you also help yourself and get to understand and work together with that priest better.