Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Leader's secret ambition for Penang- "Made In Penang"

Helen Ang exposed that Dear Leader has 51 photos of him, himself and The Dear Leader  again in the 20- page Buletin Mutiara . Just when the rest of Malaysia is diverted from this issue , thanks to PAS giving a misFatwa not to perform Hajj for the sake of the incoming general election, a sharp reader by the name Rahmat Daud pointed out the"  Made In Penang" logo in one of the photos of the 20-page Buletin Mutiara.

 Is this the secret ambition of Dear Leader to make Penang a republic? See the detail  in the background  as depicted in the picture below

"Made in Penang" logo in the background  is a precursor to another big ambition - is this a republic in the making?

We buy products from Taiwan with Made- In- Taiwan-label. We buy product from Indonesia with Made- In -Indonesia label. Even though Acheh is an autonomous region in Indonesia we never find a product labelled "Made In Acheh". So why do we need a Made In Penang label? Is Penang a republic?

All the ingredients of  the making of a young republic is evident in these photo collection

Idolation of a leader in the making

Denial of the rape of a hill by depicting a movie epic The Sound Of Music 

I deny having an affair photo

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Anonymous said...

Suruh Kedah telan balik Pulau Pinang. Abis cerita.

Permainan otak Singapore dan DAP terus hancur.