Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gulp-Dear Leader's face was defaced in Penang!

Nothing beats the escalated fight between The Godfather a.k.a Indian King in Penang (Karpal camp) vs Dear Leader's camp vs Warlord camp. Funnily it is two Indian camps vs Dear Leader. Now we understand why Dear Leader has escalated his attact on UMNO-the "baling batu sembunyi tangan" or simply divert the blame to UMNO is his desparado attempt to keep afloat his political career by clinging to a very thin life line of Indian political support.

Dear Leader has recently lost ground on getting Malay support because his "ayam tambatan" ; the Chinese stepson of Khir Johari has ditched his Malay wife of four years and return to his roots by marrying "pretty young thing" Read   Politics, Sex and Divorce in DAP

Now read further exposé   by Stop The Lies on  POTONG - I would rather say the childish way they react really "potong steam" their dream to Putrajaya

Banner and billboards bearing their images have been slashed by rival factions. The publicity material mounted in conjunction the consecration of a grand Hindu temple have been vandalised.

Images of Lord Murugan were spared. The vandals were apparently not so wicked as to vandalise the images of their Gods. They were only against Lord Karpal and Lord Ramasamy, the feuding godfather and warlord of DAP.

Images of the two leaders have been neatly cut out from the billboards and banners. Other leaders have been dragged into the fray. Lim Guan Eng’s face was also cut out. Oh oh. Dear Leader is not gonna like that. So disrespectful.

One faction would cut out the faces of those from the other side. Then the other faction would retaliate by cutting out the images of those from the other side.

Very kindergarten behaviour. I do you, you do me. So now we have lots of DAP billboards and banners in Penang which are full of holes.

And they think they are ready to rule Putrajaya. Dear Leader was reported to be very upset. Actually we think he is shivering. Without the Indian votes he is screwed in at least four state seats in Penang.

He is also shocked that they cut out his face. He thought the Indians love him. Don’t they appreciate that he and his wife wore Indian outfits for Deepavali So ungrateful and forgetful, these people.
DAP politics have spilt over into religion. Mr Karpal, what is going on? You should be above such childish behaviour. You saved Anwar from Sodomy 2 trial but you cannot save yourself and your cronies. And Dr Ramasamy, you are supposed to be an intellectual. You are now behaving like a hairdresser – cut, cut, cut. Can the two of you please grow up.

So sad. Everything going wrong for Dear Leader in Penang. Indians in the party are disunited, hills dying, Malays against him, wife still angry about Rainbow, Rainbow still angry with him.
Let’s face it. Dear Leader is a lousy leader. He cannot even manage a minority group in his party.

All he knows is gag order and I will sue you. All he is concerned about is publicity and more publicity for himself.

Guess what Dear Leader? We think Godfather and Warlord are going to cancel each other out come the general election and the Indian votes will go flying back to MIC. If only we could also cut you out of Penang!

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