Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tengku Zafrul who?

Meet Tengku Zafrul. In the course of digging more information, I have unearthed more dirt thanks to the net world . So he is a man with a past it seems, before his appointment as CEO Maybank Investment Group biz.thestar.

myceowatch has more juicy news to offer:" Meet Tengku Zafrul Tengku Aziz, the Tune Money boss. Or is he really? "

Looks like he is one of the Tingkat 4  boys - who roams freely the territory of Perdana Putra Building during Tun Lah's reign. He even ran in the inner circle of Kalimullah and  escaped unscathed....the missiles was fired as the aftermath of General Election 12 and  managed to get  KJ-  who had been unable to shake off all the "credit" for Tingkat  4 boys menace eversince.

"From Avenue Capital to Tune Money, this "poster boy" once described as one of Malaysia's most prolific young CEOs could be little more than the country's most ambitious Malay crony of the first decade of the 21st century!

Tengku Zafrul, was an investment relations officer in Tenaga Nasional Berhad during the time Jamaludin Jarjis reigned supreme over the utility (before becoming the junior Finance Minister towards the end of Mahathir Mohamad's rule). He later became managing director of Avenue Capital during the time it was in process of being taken over by ECM. He quit Avenue, and barely a year latter was a shareholder in a company called Tune Money, with Kalimullah and Lim K Onn (incidentally, the core vendors of ECM!).

Were banking or moral ethics breached? For a standing MD of bank which under suspicious circumstances was taken over by ECM, a smaller bank, until even kangaroo parliamentary committee couldnt justify the deal. Was ECM working on insider info provided by Zafrul, with blame pinned on the Prime Minister's gravely-misunderstood son-in-law, Mr Khairy Jamaluddin?"- myceowatch

More to come.... is the dangers lurking from   Kalimullah's connections as depicted in these two articles  -traitors-and-foreign-spies,  kalimullah .....       thus putting him in charge of Maybank,  a GLC, is a RISKY business.  Looks like the man is no stranger to controversies rockybru.-falling-out-at-tune-money

Will another infiltration of the enemy ala Sheryl Stotart - Petronas  case resurface?? Here is Sheryl's case to refresh marahku.

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