Monday, January 31, 2011

The swan song of Tenang

A dying swan performing the  last dance act to bewitch the audience

The swan swims the lake. Encircling the lake gracefully and performs the last dance. The last dance  is  so beautifully choreographed  that the  bewitched audience  stand up for a standing ovation. Then the curtain fall- That is the administrative script for The Swan Song.

In today's politic, many parties have performed the "Swan Song dance". The last choreographed image is beautiful and will forever be engraved in the memory box of the audience.

PAS last week has performed the perfect Swan Song dance. The ill- fated swan was the local  Ketua Muslimah by the name of Normala.
Maybe PAS has calculated the risks and decided to field a muslimah instead of a man.

After all, one's loss in the by -election can be turned into media circus to further promote  the party cross ethnically- that is the strategy ! - To persuade Chinese voters to vote for PAS.

The strategy seems to work. A beautiful muslimah is better at persuading the Chinese  voters to vote for PAS instead of a man.

True enough, the votes from the 80% Chinese dominant polling centre at Labis Tengah saved the PAS candidate from losing her deposits........and PAS' reputation!

As for the dying swan, her final last words keeps on echoing in my a double edged sword......."the time has not yet come for her to win".....the statement is well calculated. For  the strategy- laden  PAS, it is the Chinese voters that counts.

My advice to BN strategists, please take note,  remember the double edged words and start to work out from now on, for  hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman.

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