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sarawakians say nay to bandwagon politics and BN bashing - Part 4

The rise of the House of Sarawak In the August House is eminent.

Sarawak and Sabah emerged as the vital forces to maintain BN powerhouse in the aftermath of General Election 12

Long being viewed as the safe deposits of Malaysian politics, Sarawak politic is more intricately woven than her sister Sabah.

While Sabah accepted UMNO in return for the demise of Berjaya , USNO and UPKO parties, Sarawak maintained her independence.

While many a political parties are courting Sarawak and Sabah to their camps, they missed out one vital point- the local sentiment.

The state's undercurrent fighting and independence spirit has long been misconstrued as passive by Malayan standard. (west Malaysians). Even when it is being subdued currently by PBB, the burning spirit is indeed an amber underneath a stack of padi huma.

If the Malayan party think that they can take Sarawak for granted , than they are in for a shock!
Agi hidup agi ngelaban (for as long as I live, I will strive for success), is the present war cry. It is true until today, that the head hunters descendents will give any Malayan party a run for their (deposit) money if they fail to recognise the sentiment of Sarawakians;


Below is a good comment from an Iban Muslim convert of Sarawak, who goes by the name of Stanley. I believe he represents the voice of moderation and reasoning among Sarawakians.

NXXX Stanley DXXX commented:

"Sahabat2 sekalian : biarlah rakyat Sarawak menentukan segala2nya,usah dibawa budaya politik buruk yg ada kat Semenanjung nie ke tanah Sarawak.. apatah lagi suasana huru hara yg dibawakan oleh puak pakatan.

Orang di Sarawak sesungguhnya tidaklah semacam kawan-kawan Melayu yg ada di Semenanjung nie. Barangkali yang akan mencetuskan suasana kurang enak pada PR DUN nanti ialah

1.golongan “terpelajar” yg dah belajar diluar Sarawak, kononnya mereka lebih bijak dan di orang terpengaruh dengan Anwar Ibrahim.

2. Mereka yg merasakan tidak perlu berterima kasih.. katanya inilah HAK n KUASA mereka...

3. Golongan bependapatan tinggi, yang dulunya mendapat banyak bantuan kerajaan, tapi bila dah berjaya mereka kata kerajaan tak adil., ( dan ) kejayaan mereka kununnya hanya dari titik usaha mereka semata.

4. Mereka yang (hendak) merasakan suasana negatif antara Islam dan bkn Islam.

5. Mereka yg dah terpedaya dengan sogokan pmbangkang.. kononnya kerajaan tak jalankan tugas mereka.

Kalu hanya sekadar dapat tahu dan tak tahu budaya sebenar orang Sarawak, usahlah meracuni pemikiran mereka dgn omongan HAK N KUASA RAKYAT..

Saya sebagai anak Sarawak... amat merasakan rakyat Sarawak harus terus meyokong dan berdampingan dengan kerajaan BN.

Berdasarkan keperluan disana dan suasana yg mcm GAMPANG kat Semenanjung sekarang.

Biarpun bukan atas prinsip mengenang budi ,tapi biarlah atas prinsip keteguhan politik dan ekonomi anak,cucu cicit kita nanti.. Insyaallah, kaum Iban ( termasuk sy ) bukanlah bangsa yang mudah lupa diri sebgaimana sebahagian org Melayu di semenanjung... ..

Namun (Tan Sri) Taib perlu turun (satu hari kelak memandangkan beliau sudah uzur) , tapi malangnya siapakah pula WAJAR sebagai penggantinya...

Nak dedahkan keburukan org mmg senang kan.."

To understand the true needs of Sarawakian, I attached herewith an url link and the The Sleeping Dictionary movie trailer by Jessica Alba

This url link - a lament by a blogger -teacher why he gets paid RM 500 MORE than  his counterparts in Malaya is an eye opener, for it  represents the  hardship and the fight for survival of present day Sarawak. The land of The Hornbill is indeed intrigued in many mysteries, yet to be unraveled.

I have been 'blessed' by the heavens to receive RM500 more than many of my fellow teachers in Malaysia.

Here's why...

Sometimes my white rice is brown

Sometimes I don’t brush my crown

Drinking the water makes me frown

Plus there’s no road to town

I go up and down in a boat

No it’s not something I’d gloat

It’s overcrowded and barely able to float

That’s coz I’m not alone being remote

My workplace is so splendid

Once you’re there life’s ended

Mobile reception is retarded

My girlfriend thinks she’s mistreated

Buy her a present coz your money isn’t spent

Make sure it’s big and shiny or she’ll resent

What? Getting paid and still I lament?

Hmm… Perhaps it’s time for me to repent
The Sleeping Dictionary movie trailer is a preview of a time honoured culture in Sarawak, designated only for the visiting dignitaries / VVIPs, where local Iban girls were married off to the visiting dignitaries who qualify the requirement of adat bejalai. This custom is done to enlarge their gene pool and ensure the survival of the race. Indeed, this custom is also an eye opener to outsiders on their high level of tolerant. Thus it shows that Sarawakians are well adapted  to changes in their surroundings.This custom is not to be misconstrued as the present day prostitution as thought by many.

P/S I have a hunch that the blockbuster movie AVATAR is loosely based on The Sleeping Dictionary...see the movie trailer...

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