Monday, January 4, 2010

Islam dijual percuma

Penyelewengan tauhid dan kalimah Allah dibahas dengan baiknya oleh orang yang ahli dalam Islam iaitu Y. Bhg. Ustaz Zamihan dalam blog Aqitadul Tanzih-Penyelewengan Tauhid dan Kalimah Allah.

Hakikatnya Kalimah Allah adalah katanama khas, Tuhan yang diseru oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Dari Surah Al Ikhlas, Ayat 1 -4,

"Katakanlah Muhammad, Tuhan itu Esa (Satu), Ia tempat Tumpuan segalaNya ( Wujud sendiri, Tidak bergantung kepada sesiapa), Dia Tidak Beranak. Dan Tidak pula Diperanakkan. Dan Allah Tidak Sekufu dengan segala sesuatu"

Berasaskan ayat ini , golongan bukan Islam tidak ada hak menggunakan kalimah Allah. Penyalahagunaan kalimah Allah dalam ugama lain melambangkan kesalahan dari segi Tauhid kerana kalimah Allah adalah Dzat yang wajib ada dalam Keesaanya (Satu) dalam Islam berbanding dengan konsep Tuhan trinity ( Tuhan bertiga- Jesus anak Tuhan- Roh Kudus- Tuhan) dalam ugama Kristian.

Hujah Puak yang membenarkan kalimah Allah digunakan oleh ugama lain melalui surah Al Zukhruf Ayat 86-87 dan Surah Al Ankabut Ayat 63 adalah tidak benar sama sekali. Ini kerana mereka tidak memahami ayat berkenaan dalam kerangka ketuhanan yang sebenar.

Ikuti lanjutan hujah beliau dalam blog ini

Memetik kata-kata Presiden Persatuan Peguam Peguam Muslim Malaysia;

" What is the rational of letting the usage of the word Allah, and how does this promote the racial integration or the spirit of One Malaysia? If anything, this event draws and divides between the races even more.

It is a deep shame that we have to live our lifes losing a battle that need not be faught after all. It is not the fault of Titular Roman Catholic Archbichop, it is our own doing. The pride of our community today fall because of treachery by those who fought and won political battles using the name of Islam.

In the Quran, Allah warns us most of all against people who sell religion. Allah says in the Quran .." do not sell religion for a paltry sum..." In this case before us, the situation is even worse, they sold the religion for free"

Ulasan lanjut Presiden Persatuan Peguam Peguam Muslim Malaysia boleh dibaca dari link ini

Bertaubatlah orang-orang Islam yang membenarkan kalimah Allah digunakan oleh bukan Islam. Sesungguhnya ini isu Tauhid dan akidah umat Islam bukannya politik!


Malay Muslim said...

While some idiots are mourning over the 'loss' of the word 'Allah' and therefore basically telling the world that they are people easily confused by nomenclature, and others are predicting riots over what is basically a 'copyright' issue, let me define what I think a confident Muslim should be:

1. A confident Muslim is unfazed by the issue of God's name. God speaks to all of humankind in the Quran and never said that only Muslims could call him by the name Allah.

2. A confident Muslim has 99 names to choose from to describe that One God. My favourites are Ar-Rahman (The All-Compassionate) and Ar-Rahim (The All-Merciful).

3. A confident Muslim never gets confused over which is his/her religion and which is other people's. For instance, a confident Muslim knows exactly what the first chapter of the Quran is. And it's not the Lord's Prayer.

4. A confident Muslim will not walk into a church, hear a liturgy in Malay or Arabic where they use the word 'Allah' and then think that he or she is in a mosque. A confident Muslim knows the difference.

5. A confident Muslim is generous, inclusive and doesn't think that his or her brethren is made exclusive through the use of a single language. The confident Muslim is well aware that in the Middle East, all services of ANY religion are in Arabic because that's what they all speak.

6. A confident Muslim knows the basis of his/her faith are the five pillars of Islam and will not be shaken just because other people call God by the same name.

7. A Muslim believes in only One God. Therefore it makes sense that other people should call God by the same name because there is no other God.

ART THOU NOT aware that it is God whose limit less glory all [creatures] that are in the heavens and on earth extol, even the birds as they spread out their wings? Each [of them] knows indeed how to pray unto Him and to glorify Him; and God has full knowledge of all that they do:(Surah Nour, Verse 41) (Asad)

So I would ask those people demonstrating against the Court decision, have you no pride? Are you saying you're easily confused?

And before anyone says I have no qualifications to say these things, read what Dr Asri Zainal Abidin (who does have qualifications no matter what JAIS says) has written about this very subject.

And here's something interesting. In 2007, the Majlis Agama Negeri Perlis, which is a large majlis filled with people very learned in Islamic religious knowledge, discussed the question of the use of 'Allah' by non-Muslims. Their unanimous decision? They issued a fatwa to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with non-Muslims using the word at all.(This was told to me by Dr. Asri but I cannot find the fatwa anywhere online because all the religious departments' websites are so useless.)

anakbukitgantang said...


We have to really differentiate which is the true teaching of Islam and Wahabism.

Therefore, as the argument goes, the issue is not on the usage of the kalimah Allah by non Muslims, rather on the issue of Tauhid-the understanding of the intrincate basics of Islam, that There is No God but Allah( ESA)

btw, historically, the basic argument in the High Court that non Muslim during Jahiliyah times were using the kalimah Allah is also wrong, because there is no such word then. The work most closely related to God prior to Muslim era was "Ilah" as in "Ilah Latta"

As written before, the ruling is partial, diregarding the basic element of Aticle 3(1) of The Malaysian Constitution (Perlembagaan Persekutuan)that enshrine Islam as the official religion in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Muslim Malay,

Apake bangangnya Malay muslim ni. Dia pikir pasal diri dia dan dalam masa singkat. Sesingkat otaknya. Dia tak pikir langsung pasal masa depan anak cucu kita yang baru nak kenal dan bertatih mengenai Islam dan akidah. Confident ke dia yang anak cucu cicit dia masa depan paham Islam?

Confident ke dia anak cucu dia besok tak salah masok Rumah Allah (Masjid atau Gereja atau Kuil dsb)?

Confident ke dia besok Solat (Solat Jumaat) anak cucu dia tak jatuh hari Jumaat tapi hari Ahad?

Dia sendiri mengaku tak punya dan tak berkelayakan pelajaran agama, masih sanggup kata confident?

Are you a Muslim or what?

anakbukitgantang said...

another references


....Much of the reason we are able to debate such issues and to read and write about it today it is often argued is the result of a good Catholic education. Wrong! It is equally the result of Malay Muslim generosity in allowing the propagation of the faith, its schools and other institutions to thrive and its tolerance of their values.

It is a pity that in return all that the Catholic church has to offer is an insult to the Malays and Malay Muslims in pursuing such a worthless policy of provocation.


There is a flawed perception that the constitution gives blanket freedoms to religious practices which it clearly does not do. The state always has residual powers in preservation of its sovereignity to amend or ignore aspects of the constitution. It happens everywhere in the commonwealth and elsewhere in the inerests of self preservation.

In this case in particular we have a foreign state the Vatican, by its local operatives the Church seeking to undermine national policy (however objectionable it may appear to some) through the sinister use of the constitution of its host state.

The Church cannot therefore be arguing that some constitutional religious freedoms, inconsistent with its behaviour over the centuries have been violated here. It may not argue that using the word Allah alone is therefore somehow a constitutional right or a religious practice because it is neither.

Its pursuit of the proposition is clearly a provocation, when it knows full well there is resistance from the majority, Malaysia’s 60% Malay Muslims. A valid counter argument to the church’s position is that this entire exercise is an unlawful interference in the affairs of a state by a foreign government, the Vatican. Additionally the Church in adopting its controversial posiiton on the use of the word Allah, may inadvertantly be acknowledging the truth of the Quran which, if it is consciously doing may not be such a bad thing after all.

The Catholic church itself is not paragon of virtue nor the best example of a protector of its many faithful when one considers it conduct in favour of the rich and powerful against the abused in South America for centuries.

Closer to home its backing of Lee Kuan Yews attacks against a former priest (Fr. D’Souza) who had the courage to stand up for the rights of the oppressed in Singapore a decade or two ago. It is but one of many examples of the politics of expediency the Catholic church practices at the expense of the teachings of Christ.

The constitution in such cases must be read down and not up as appears to have been the case with the Catholic Herald (for want of a better description of the case) insistence on the provocative use o the word Allah.

excerp from Raj Gopal Blog

Malay Muslim said...

Anon 1.45
Saya just maklumkan apa yang Marina Mahathir tulis dalam blog dia. Tapi terlupa nak paste sekali nama dia. itu bukan tulisan saya, itu tulisan Marina Mahathir.

Apa kata kita start hentam Marina Mahathir pulak?

anakbukitgantang said...


"Malay Muslim", I was quite shocked to hear that and while I was researching for some good articles from our friends from the other faith, I came across the said blog.

As mentioned before, Allah is Esa(one) and there is No God But Allah. The argument is simple if one is to understand Sifat 20 Allah- a core in Tauhid lesson on Islam.

As mentioned before too, we have to really differentiate between Islam Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah sect versus Islam Wahabism sect. Wahhabism supports the trinity concept of Allah as the belief/sect is losely related to the Jewish religion and main agenda-thus the fight against Wahhabism here!

Today a few of those so called ulamas that had previously said that Allah can be use by non-muslim has made a sudden u-turn, such as Nik Azziz and Dr Asri.

Sadly though, the damages has been done.

Islam, the Official Religion Of Malaysia, as enshrined by the Malaysian Constitution should never be tried in a Civil Court, let alone be judged by non muslim Judge. The case should have been strike off as according to statement given by DS Zahid Hamidi- then Minister in Charge of Islamic Affairs at Prime Minister's Dept.

Also, all matter related to Islam shall only be decided by a muslim, the Head Of State, Yang Di Pertuan Agong and assisted/advised Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan.

The true intention of the usage of Allah by the Herald has been discussed by our blogger Raj Gopal, in neutral state- see his blog link.

Also, I am in agreement with Y. Bhg. Ustaz Zamihan that those ulama politicians stop discussing these matter. Let the YDP Agong decide the case.