Monday, November 2, 2009

The Ghost Of Halloween Haunts Anwar

October is the month of the ghost , it seems. In the Orient, the Chinese celebrate the Month of The Hungry Ghost.
In the west, October is Halloween or ghost month. The tradition originated in medieval times.
It was celebrated in the west yearly by Celt pagans to mark the end of season of the sun of 31 October, when all crops were harvested, Celtic priests would gather at the top of the hill to mark the end of the glorious season and the beginning of the dreaded winter months or season of darkness.
Halloween is also synonymous with Treat or Threat! Candy or ghostly phenomenon......
.......and it looks like Anwar backyard is full of Halloween Ghosts and they are poking fun at him!
For it seems, for Pakatan Rakyat team, their glorious season in the sun has ended along with the diminishing fire errr winning streak of Pakatan Rakyat in By Elections after the thumping defeat of their candidate at Bagan Pinang, in October it seems.
One by one Pakatan Rakyat elected representative or important party member announce their intention of leaving the party or relinquishing their top post in Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat. Beginning from double crosser Zaid, followed by the powerful younger brother of Pairin Kitingan, another female PKR member in Sabah and the latest Badrul Hisham of Klang, Selangor, the phenomenon is snowballing by the day.
The question now...who will leave the party next? Will Zul Kulim, the odd choice Muslim lawyer, who is always at odd with Anwar political chummy DAP, follow suit?
Whatever it is, Anwar cannot keep the growing dissatisfaction within the party which cause massive party rift away from public prying eyes anymore.
Like the Celts, Anwar has to dance to the tune....the people of Malaysia has finally realise, that Pakatan Rakyat coalition, simply cannot handle the task entrusted to them in the aftermath of General Election 12.
For Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat leader, what originally looks like a blessing was actually a curse, for unfortunately, the power come too soon and the opposition politicians are caught unprepared to govern the affairs of all 4 states, not to mention their own house affairs.
Like the Celtics, it is Halloween indeed and a "threat" to the party's and the coalition survival. Maybe, they have to perform some soul searching to rid of the skeletons and ghosts of the past .......................

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