Tuesday, July 28, 2009

solar eclipse and the death of the age of innocence among politicians

Politicians wake up, religious and secular education of our future generations are no pawn to your merciless political game- photo courtesy of Utusan Malaysia

Malaysians of all walks of life woke up to experience the longest solar eclipse this century on July 22. In medieval times, solar eclipse was often associated with bad omen. Scientist however have other explaination. Eclipse occurs when the sun path is blocked by the orbiting moon. Thus sun rays is blocked, for a few minutes, from reaching the earth . This create the "ring look" or penumbra, around the sun , the effect that can be observed by the naked eye.

While the effect of total solar eclipse cannot be observed from Malaysia, the nation has not been spared from many a-bad-thing that has happened aftermath. Malaysians are still reeling on the sudden demise of Teoh Beng Hock, the revelation extraordinaire by Truth 4 Teoh Beng Hock blog, the unscrupulous politicians who feed the public anger on issues that are polarised by ethnic, religion and cultural background while at the same time pocketing the gains that comes with the issues garnered..come what it may, in terms of political mileage, positions in the party and society, tenders, contracts, cold hard cash...

The age of innocence among these politicians were long passe. The longer these issues are put off from a fair trial, the longer the shelf life of these politicians shall be, it seems.......

Sue and thou shall be sued, is the hottest fad at the moment. Forget the truth, to get off the hook, these tainted politicians will sue the opponents....and while the issue is still under investigations, or have been filed for court hearing (court cases which appear to take ions of years to clear), these unscrupolous politicians can always claim that the defendant; be it the police, or MACC or the Government of Malaysia, has practice selective prosecution.

Forget the explaination either, since it has not been tried by the court, there is no verdict...the defendant shall not speaketh, nor offer explaination, of the issues lest thou shall fall under sub judiaciary....

In the mean time, these politicians will feed the public with more misperception through public rallies, religious "ceramah", sponsored programmmes aimed at poisoning the minds of the youth, the poor and the destitute

To Malaysians, wake up, for we have made a grave mistake. One moment of anger due misperception, and a mistake done in choosing the wrong people representative during balloting, have lead all of us, to a five year period of eclipse.......in our lives.

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