Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heal thy nation

Transparent and independent;three representatives from the opposition-photo courtesy of blogger Aloq Staq

To heal thy nation, justice must be seen. Justice is not limited to one grieving party, but must be disseminated to everybody equally.

While I symphatised with the late Teoh family, his fiancee and an unborn child, my heart cries out even louder for a miscarriage of justice done to the police, MACC officers, denizens and government of Malaysia.

The primary issue was corruption, and the late Teoh was a witness to the prosecuting team. He was supposed to bring more documents to assist MACC. It was common for all witness to be summoned up to MACC headquarters to be questioned and the questioning can take several hours. It was common too, to have the questioning extended till late at night..just talk to a few person who had been summoned to MACC in the past .

The late Teoh must have felt very tired or have some strong and valid reason to ask for an overnight stay at MACC...... reasons now, unfortunately, buried with him......alas he was found lifeless the morning after.

MACC is an independent body that reports to PM. The same set up is also found in former British colony like Hong Kong. To reflect this independent set up, at the very top echelon of MACC, consisted the three representatives from Pakatan Rakyat....

Lest the members of the public quickly pointing fingers, please remember, above all, MACC will not gain anything with a dead witness off the dock! More details can be found in these latest ,interesting and exhilarating articles of The Unspinners and The Thirteen Million Guy Rumbles

Nations, are entitled to eclipse, but once the eclipse is over, the sun shines ever brighter. As the cloud parts, the sun rays will reach every cubic millimeter of the atmosphere to bring about warm and reassuring rays for the rest of the days...........These past few days is a test, of sort, to the law enforcing authority, namely the police and MACC, judiciary system and above all law abiding denizens of Malaysia. The big question now is, can Malaysians think and act wisely?

Recent history of modern Malaysia has shown that Malaysians are easy prey to dirty manipulating tactics by irresponsible politicians to fan racial tension and instigate anti establishment (ill ) feeling amongst her people. Remember how an opposition MP , used the issue of woman striped naked down to her bra and panties in a police lock up to fan racial hatred towards the police and Malaysian government a few years ago? It turned out that the woman was a Malay woman, caught for suspected drugs abused with her then boyfriend within a school compound! The issue died suddenly after the FACTS was released. That female MP NEVER APOLOGISED to members of the public who were plainly misled to believe that the woman was a Chinese national.

There are other issues that followed afterward, but the damage done by many irresponsible MPs was only tips of the iceberg. If the opposition MPs are true to their calling for the end of bad treatment in the lock up, why then should they confined the issue to a certain race? Why are the opposition SO EAGER to champion a certain race!

Polarised politic; that is politics simply based on race and religion, never really die with the set up of Pakatan Rakyat. The facts are now clear, that Pakatan Rakyat objective to give alternative to the people, and materialised two- party -system such as in USA or UK was a mere myth!. DAP 's major role and prime instigator in politicising The Teoh Beng Hock case ( as well as other Pakatan Rakyat coalition member) is a proof that polarised politics is rife in Malaysia, and Pakatan Rakyat is championing such agenda.

Malaysians are taught to win early on in life,...... public exam, entrance exams for elite schools and universities, games, race, adult life .......the party that we give support shall win in an election, to such extend that the winning streak is like a life tonic to some people. And so we have a kiasu subculture born in this country , a subculture that is uniquely Malaysians. Kiasu means fight to win at all cost. These days kiasu has gain notoriety as the fight to win at all cost and even willing to
jeopardised morality and conscience in the process. Maybe in our haste to rush and gain worldly gains we forget that we, as servant of God, will be questioned for whatever misdeed we do in our afterlife there after.

Have we ever stop and think that winning is not the solution to all problems especially when it involves conscience. Conscience is what makes up the soul of a person.

My past postings have argued on political marketing. Political marketing, is a powerful tool. But once misused, and abused, the wrongly skewed strategy executed to garner more support backfires.......that lead to more public outcry .......and eventually will do more damage than the passive marketing based on brand alone; marketing that is based on past reliable performance and present effectiveness of handling a series of issues.

Politicians who are trigger happy to politicised the death of the late Teoh now find that the damage is boomeranged towards them. DAP and Pakatan Rakyat should have never use the unfortunate death to gain political mileage. Have they not learn enough? The past issues of members of the opposition team easily jumping to conclusion, making a hill out of mole on a certain localised issue to gain political mileage, and the present issue of Teoh Beng Hock's death and the link to underworld vice activities, permanently tainted the opposition.......these issues are fast making the opposition team a loser in the (hopefully) more discerning and maturing political eyes of the Malaysian public.

As the sun parted warm rays towards earth after the longest eclipse in the 21st century yesterday, it is my wish that Malaysians from all walks of life give support to the setting up of the Public Inquest of the late Teoh and the setting up of A Royal Commission for MACC . Amen

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