Monday, June 15, 2009

How to be elected as a parliamentarian in Malaysia

What is the latest buzz? Hmmm......This morning I wake up to the "greatest brou ha ha" in Malaysian politics. Never before in my life......Malaysian politics being dragged into a darkest abyss and today marked the day..when a newly elected parliamentarian from Bukit Gantang create a 'grand entrance" in the august house.

Or maybe I am just one of the skeptic few who still maintain the conscience of the minds......for with the latest brou ha ha in Parliament on this very date of June 15, 2009, I bet Ahmad, Ah Peng and Asyook who live on streets can also qualify as parliamentarians.

How to be elected as parliamentarians?

Ohhh....It is very simple, really. You do not have to do any homework; toiling and flipping thick parliamentary handsard. You do not have to bring forward problems from your constituency and raise the issue in Parliament. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to think of the best and most effective ways on how to revive the present slum economy.

All you have to do is stir controversy...create an issue!. Never mind even if the issue is not correct by the interpretations of the law or the state constituent, as long as it is "politically correct issue to be raised" what the heck! Throw your conscience is you yourself that you are serving, not the very rakyat who voted you in. Thus your name will be on everybody's lips instantly. That is the best manipulation of the marketing technique " by the word of the mouth"

Next, create a "grand entrance" on your very first day in Parliament. The best example is the latest addition to the august is supplied in the link here.....

That will make you "worthy of front page news". This is a great political mileage earned by a young and naive politician, who a year and a half ago was a political unknown. Never mind if in the process he brings the "pasar malam ambiance into the august is the political exposure he much needed to stay afloat in Malaysian politics that counts right?

As anak Bukit Gantang, I thank Allah that my parents never make the wrong choice in voting this chap; nowadays fast becoming the poster boy of political fiasco, into Parliament in the recent Bukit Gantang by election.

Lest the people of Manek Urai, forget, remember, one vote of anger, or one vote full of emotions destroy your life. Think carefuly before you vote, do not repeat the mistake in Bukit Gantang. Vote somebody who can serve you and not somebody who serve his own political interest.

The people of Manek Urai can undo the mistake done in voting the wrong chap to Parliament at Bukit Gantang. It is high time that all Malaysians stay united, and choose the best. There are no other alternative at the moment. BN and UMNO is still the best choice.

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