Thursday, February 13, 2014

Signs of a sick Malaysian society

Lately our society has seen the symptom of sociopath prevalent among politically inclined people and opposition politicians
What is a "Sociopath" ?
Sociopathy is one of the many personality disorders, also referred to as psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder (APD). The American Psychiatrics Association defines sociopathy as 'A pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood.' Sociopathic symptoms may show from as early as the teenage years although a diagnosis can only be made after the age of 18, on presentation of documented evidence of misconduct before the individual is 15. The symptoms can manifest in many ways, though there are certain personality traits that people with this mental disorder have a tendency to exhibit.


Sociopaths are people who are capable of deception to an extent that most normal people cannot even comprehend. They are remorseless, manipulative and completely without conscience. Typically the following are the classic symptoms of a sociopath, though the list below is by no means exhaustive.

Superficial Charm
One of the symptoms of a sociopath is exhibiting superficial charm. Many sociopaths exhibit surface charm that masks their real nature. They are often good conversationalists with an innate skill to talk themselves out of tight spots.

Pathological Lying
A sociopath is most likely to be a compulsive liar or a con artist who will deceive without compunction. A sociopath can lie with complete confidence and some have been known to even pass lie detector tests.

Absence of Regret, Remorse or Shame
Sociopath characteristics include the inability to comprehend the emotions of guilt, shame, or remorse at their behavior and its effect on other people. They are incapable of feeling any attachment to others and will use people for personal gain without the slightest feeling of guilt.

Let see other examples
Why are they targeting a non politician -isn't this a despicable act? 
Why question a Mauled to honour Prophet Muhammad PBUH?. PAS, a Wahhabi- led political party, tried to smear the image of Mukhriz only to open a can of worms .  PAS is known for Wahhabism and despise The Prophet Mauled. The hideous act reveals their deviated WAHHABISM belief in turn!

When did this sick game start? Way back in 2009 when DAP newly grabbed Penang, Perak and Selangor -picture taken at DAP Convention in Perak.
 Remember this?

And this?
Please remember that these people are prepared to hurt the  lives of policemen  and people on standby who are not in their league. Please refer to the terms "Sociopath"  as described above.

It is bad when these mentally sick politicians who does not know when to stop dirty politicking did the despicable acts and their die hard supporters aped these hideous acts;


CEO_Siber said...

Anwar Jadi MB - Skuad Sayang Selangor Bubar Ganti Terengganu


'Please Note'

- Pelaburan jutaan ringgit 'skuad sayang selangor' sepanjang 5 tahun untuk merampas kembali selangor di tangan PKR tidak berhasil. Malah memberi 8 lagi kerusi Dun kepada PR

- Walaupun beribu kali lakonan @ provokasi yang dimainkan oleh media UMNO BN ia tidak lagi relevan untuk Rakyat Selangor. Begitu juga Kelantan dan Pulau Pinang. Ia tetap akan menjadi milik kekal PR.

- Terengganu juga bakal mengikut jejak selangor... Lihat saja pru 13 hanya 2 kerusi sahaja berbeza dan kemerosotan ketara BN..

- UMNO BN akan membubarkan 'Skuad Sayang Selangor' dan mengantikan 'Skuad Sayang Terengganu' pula. UMNO BN yakin bila perlaburan jutaan ringgit diberikan kepada rakyat Terengganu terutama anak muda akan mengekalkan Terengganu ditangan mereka

- UMNO BN akan kekal memerintah Terengganu jika pelaburan mereka berjaya dalam 'Skuad Sayang Terengganu'... Lihat saja bukti jelas apabila pelaburan RM15,000 untuk satu keluarga FELDA dapat mengekalkan undi mereka kpd UMNO BN walaupun sedikit merosot... Jadi apa sangat bezanya level pemikiran anak muda FELDA dan Anak muda Terengganu?

- UMNO BN tetap akan membubarkan 'Skuad Sayang Selangor' apabila Anwar berjaya menjadi MB selangor. Aura Anwar yang kian kuat kpd anak muda Selangor hanya menjadikan usaha mereka sia2. Lebih baik mereka tumpukan Negeri lain yang juga akan jatuh ke tangan PR...

Akhir Sekali, adakah UMNO BN akan menyumbat kembali Anwar ke penjara untuk tempoh 10 tahun lagi untuk menghalang daripada menjadi MB Selangor??..... Tetapi yang pasti, UMNO BN akan 'ketandusan strategi' untuk merampas kembali Selangor dan menemui 'jalan mati' untuk menarik sokongan pengundi muda dan pengundi baru yang sudah terdidik sejak 5 tahun dulu..

Anonymous said...

PAS, PKR da UMNO adalah glongan munafik tegar, korang semua gila duit dan kuasa sehingga bangsa dan agama tergadai. Henti hentilah menjilat bontot cina... dan rakyat jangan jadi bodoh mengikut semua fitnah fitnah gila korang semua .. hancur negara !! CIna celaka DAP je yang berjaya... tongong.