Friday, March 1, 2013

Intel source from Philippines blames The Malaysian Opposition in Lahad Datu Stand Off

Malaysians grieved in silence as 2 brave policemen were killed at the Lahad Datu Stand off with the Sulu soldiers. Al Fatehah to the fallen heroes. Apparently, the Sulu heirs do not act on their own. Intelligence sources in The Phillipines said that these rebel Moro  were instigated to destroy the recently signed Peace Accord between Moslems in Mindanao and Malacanang Palace. Apparently they are being helped by an opposition politician in Malaysia.

This is an excerp from the Inquirer News .  Read on here:

Whether the heirs of the sultanate of Sulu acted on their own to reclaim Sabah or were instigated by an external force to do so, one thing is certain, according to government intelligence sources: It was a business that proved too big for the heirs to handle on their own.
The sources said that the Philippine government’s policy on Sabah is to keep it in the back burner.
But apparently “some people” want to push it forward now. And why now, at this time, is one of the questions government intelligence is looking into.

The sources consistently mentioned three groups that appear to have taken advantage of the decision of the Kirams to pursue their Sabah claim.
“These are groups that wanted to ride on the Kirams’ pursuit with their own interests in mind,” one of the sources said.
Another source added: “There are a lot who can gain from this, not just in the Philippines but in Malaysia as well.”
These “external factors,” as an Inquirer source described the groups, are one small faction that is in it for the money, an anti-Aquino administration group, and the Malaysian political opposition.
“The Kirams planned to pursue their claim as early as last year. But they went to Lahad Datu also on the instigation of these groups,” the intelligence officer said.

1- The small group supposedly goaded the Kirams to ask Malaysia for a higher rent on Sabah. If Malaysia gives in, this small group would allegedly have a share of the increase.
2- The anti-administration group simply wants to discredit President Aquino and is using the peace process as a cause of disenchantment for the Kirams.
“All those who do not like P-Noy (the President’s nickname) have joined forces. This is one way to really test how this administration will react (to such an issue). Whatever happens in Malaysia, there will be a backlash on us,” one source said.

“In a way, whoever wants to disrupt the peace process or the gains of President Aquino has already won,” the source added.
3- The third group is allegedly the Malaysian political opposition, which is gearing up for general elections that may be called before June.
The intelligence officer said that one member of the Malaysian political opposition allied with Anwar Ibrahim was running for a post in Sabah.
“Apparently, this politician was one of those who spoke with the Kirams. He supposedly gave the opposition’s support to the Kirams’ claim to Sabah,” the source said.


Anonymous said...

semua orang marahkan Anwar...dari NGO Islam, orang atas pagar sehingga orang kampung..dah nampak siapa yg jadi dajjal dalam perkara ini

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Babi!!! punya anwar anak brahim...
buat malu nama emak bapak kau aje..
Otak kau letak kat KONTOL!! ape??

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Anak org dah meninggal dunia..kerana ada pengkhianat negara ..Aku benci pengkhianat negara.

YA ALLAH!Tuhan Pelindung Yg MAHA KUASA! Engkau Lindungilah negara Malaysia ini,berilah kejayaan dan pelindungan pada pasukan keselamtan uamt Islam di malaysia,berilah KEJAYAAN,tumpaskanlah penceroboh dan pengkhianat negara kami YA ALLAH! Aamin3 Ya rabal Aalamin

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This is cool!