Friday, September 14, 2012

Syiah sect in PAS getting stronger

The Azizan -PAS stand off in Kedah  is actually part of Syiah sect attempt to wrestle PAS' Kedah state administration from Sunni Azizan. At the same time,  The  East Coast PAS -the much Wahhabi and Syiah infiltrated organisation - is also attempting to oust "another Syiah threat"  i.e  the Kelantan -based Nasya. With the latest development Nasya escaping the axe, Nasya is fast reminding PAS leaders to look at the Conditional Tahaluf Siyasi based on a secret meeting with Yusuf Qadrawi with PAS selected leader in London post GE12:  "That PAS should back off  from the coalition (Pakatan) should the political collaboration bring more mudharat to Islam " Will Nasya be  successful in holding off the Syiah assault ?
To make the matter worst, one  wheel chair - bound Tiger  Of Jelutong also use this pretext to save his  fast disappearing political empire; For no sooner than  Nasya escaped the chopping block of PAS' Majlis Syura ,  Karpal took the assault personally- by threatening to sue Nasya. A desperate  attempt by Karpal to save his political career in the advent of the rising entity  in DAP; The  Lim Dynasti
Read more on the Syiah assault in PAS in an excerp from Peraktoday. Will PAS supporters ever realise that by supporting PAS they are in actuality supporting the rise of Syiah? Only time will tell. God forbids, Nauzubillah.
AS for now, based on two PAS’s internal source, one from North PAS and another one from the East Coast had confirmed that there is an organized movement which would object Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa’s status as a candidate for the coming GE13.
How successful the movement would be is still unknown but it confirms the fact that there are a few who are not happy with the former PAS’s Vice President and they are still working on ways to get the objective done.
At the same time, the failure of PAS’s Syura Council in discussing the agenda in sacking Nasharudin did not only offended PAS leaders who are pro-Anwar, even PAS’s Syiah group led by Mat Sabu felt the same way.
For this group who follows Syiah ways which is being fought by Mat Sabu, they know that as long as Nasharudin stays with the party, Mat Sabu’s status as the second strongmen in the party is still not secured.
This is added with the rumor which spread a few days before the Syura Council had their meeting, a few PAS leaders with religious background is said that they want to reassign Nasharudin for the Vice President post if he is not sacked from PAS.
Muktamar PAS 2013 is expected to be held a few months after GE13, quite a short period of time for Mat Sabu to do his preparations to go against Nasharudin.
Besides, Mat Sabu’s win during Mutamar PAS in the middle of last year was not a genuine win. Instead, it just happened due to cooperation and support from both PAS representatives who supports Husam Musa.
With Husam also wanting to try his luck for the third time, Mat Sabu would have to be going against two people which is obviously not something easy for the PAS Syiah leader.

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if he can befriended the Syaitanirajjim just to overthrown the UMNO , what more with Syiah. the biggest syaitan and jews combined is thier bloody head. n.ajis aka tua kutuk.