Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ngeh rattles fundamental issue

Ngeh, thinking that his recent remarks on Prophet Muhammad PBUH was only light weight in blasphemy towards Islam, said that Malaysians should move on. I for one beg to differ.

May be Ngeh will learn the lesson faster when Muslims start to boycott his Ipoh White Coffee outlets.

 The blasphemy game  will never stop- he and his DAP cohorts are testing Muslims sensitivities on several issues. Apology is just a game because DAP realises that Malaysian Muslims are gullable and naive  !

In the recent Malaysian Insider interview he says Malaysians should focus on other important issues such as economy and social issues . Ngeh, the businessman behind Ipoh Old Town White Coffee, FORGETS that without  POLITICAL STABILITY- which is FUNDAMENTAL in any country,   the  community at large will not  support the much hyped economy.

This religious blasphemy and transgression on Islam in not the first for infamous cousins Ngeh and Ngah of Perak. They have transgressed the religious border before when they  recited the "holy surah Aura"  from their so called Koran-  Sadly the religious illiterate PAS supporters hailed the Ngeh-Ngah man made surah with takbeer. (there was no surah Aura in Quran )

May be Ngeh will be learn the lesson faster when Muslims boycott his Ipoh White Coffee outlets.


Servant of God said...

You are right. It's about time we stop being so forgiving.

Anonymous said...

Ngeh is like Malaysian KKK
Anti Islam and anti Malay

The Malays should unite and do the following
2) Protest in front of his house , just like they did to Ambiga

As for PAS - Parti Ajaran Sesat , two wordS for u