Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Temasek Review- "Smart" Singaporean complained about Indian neighbour's sweaty smell to an Indian Minister

This is ultimate ultra kiasu at its best . A resident complained to Minister Shanmugam (and yes he happens to be Indian ok! ) about Indian neighbors’ ‘sweaty smell’

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Law Minister K Shanmugam has expressed his concern at a complaint he received from one of his residents about the ‘unpleasant’ qualities of his Indian neighbors.
In a posting on his Facebook, Mr Shanmugam wrote:
“I received a complaint from one of my residents, a few weeks ago. He is Singaporean. He was upset that he had to “tolerate” his Indian neighbours. The resident protested at having to “smell their Indian sweaty smell and unwashed bodies”. He described the Indian family as living in squalor and complained about their poor social status.”

It is not revealed if the Indians are native Singaporeans or recent arrivals from the Indian subcontinent.

Mr Shanmugam added that he was quite disturbed by the complaints:

“The rest of the complaints taken together however, are quite disturbing. The resident actually sent me an email setting this out. The resident appears to see his neighbour’s race as being the problem and the overt prejudice is quite troubling….We need to make sure that things stay positive between people of different races.”

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Anonymous said...

in other words...racism is there to stay even amongst the developed countries...and we shud be proud of ourselves about how we deal with this sort of issue.