Friday, March 9, 2012

when the PTDs are called MAFIA in the civil service.....

I couldn't help but agree with Another Brick On The Wall in this MAFIA thing. The recent controversy regarding SBPA is an expose on how Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTDs) rule the civil service. Their high and dry attitude from the years of easy promotion cut them off from the grass root...sadly they are the policy makers of Public Service Department (PSD).

PTDs a.k.a Jack Of All Trades are the legacy of colonial time. Back then there were not many qualified personnel thus having a personnel who can fit in almost all the posting were needed.

Back then too, there were not many specialised area except for that pertaining to Land matters.

Nowadays the job specification has become more complex . Experts in medicine are needed in the hospitals, experts in engineering  are needed for an engineering and construction based government agencies and so forth.

There are a lot of grouses in the Civil Service because these PTDs will jump que when it comes to job promotion. Unlike their counter parts in Petronas, the bulk of high ranking managers a.k.a JUSA in civil service are mostly made up of PTDs.

Petronas has since learned from SHELL to develop their top manager  from a pool of available engineers and other previously trained technical personnel. It is no wonder that Petronas become one of the top 100 best managed companies in the world according to FORTUNE ranking.
Petronas ...
Petronas trains engineers and other  technical based personnel to be managers

It is no secret too that the first batch of personnel who developed the  Putrajaya (see     Putrajaya-blueprint) comes from technical background. One of them is currently serving as CEO of ECER for East Coast.

Expert is needed here not jack of all trade
So why civil service remains in the grip of PTDs? Read the article mafias-in-civil-service



Anonymous said...

My advise: try to be one, so u know the reality of the job.
or at least spend some of ur precious time at putrajaya visiting those officers that u called mafia.

Anakbukitgantang said...

I was a civil servant working in Putrajaya- and dealt a lot with these PTDs...I speak from my years of experience in The Civil Service-please note the example cited is first hand experience :)