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The Illuminati family in Penang

There are currently 13 families bloodlines of the Illuminati namely;

1. Astor,
2. Bundy,
3. Collins,
4. DuPont,
5. Freeman,
6. Kennedy,
7. Li,
8. Onassis,
9. Reynolds,
10. Rockefeller,
11. Rothschild,
12. Russell, and finally
13. Van Duyn Bloodline

So, what does Singapore and Penang have in common?

Merlion statue symbolises Singapore-but why?

When asked this question, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind would be that both are islands. Geographically, that's true. However, the question is not about their similarity but what these two islands really have to offer.

No, the answer needs to be searched from historical and political point of views.

In the early paragraph of this chapter, I did say that the Illuminati's agenda nowadays are not about winning popularity contest. I also said that a good way to do business is not to employ your immediate family members. The Illuminati adopts this policy when selecting a candidate to contest for political office but this policy of flying below radar only came to place after President Kennedy betrayed them in 1960’s. Prior to that, the Illuminati have no problem letting the Illuminati bloodlines appear on public radar. In fact, they even insisted for it in the area where no such radar exists.

One area in this globe where no such radar exists in the 60’s is South East Asia. Frankly speaking, public awareness on the existence of the Illuminati is so low in this region that you can candidly walk to a person and ask him/her whether he/she knows what Illuminati is and the respond to that question would be “is that food or something?”

If the awareness is low in the 21st century, then such awareness was almost non-existent in 1960’s. Only a few people would know about it by then. Therefore it is correct to say that in 1960’s no one knew that amongst the 13 royal families of the Illuminati, there are two Asian families. One of them is known as ‘The Li Family’

To understand about the Li’s connection, one has to understand how the Chinese name are joined. A Chinese name is made up of a family name (surname), which is written first, and then comes the personal name. Family names are usually of one character each and the surname Li is amongst the 5 top families in mainland China (others are Chen, Zhang, He, and Huang).
According to the Chinese dictionary of surnames (the Xing Zuan), the Li surname has a long history which goes back to Emperor Zhuanzu who was the first Li and lived before 2000 B.C. Then there was Li Yuan as the founder of the Tang Dynasty that lasted from 618 to 906 A.D. His son who ruled after him was Li Shimin. In their dynasty, printing and paper money were introduced to China.

It was during the Tang Dynasty that about 15 different surnames were given the honour of having the Li surname. One of these surnames is Lin.
A Chinese who with the same surname has more loyalty to someone else who has the same surname. For instance, two Chinese with the Li name would consider themselves relatives even if they were totally strangers. Even if two people have no blood ties, if they have the same surname it is generally considered incestuous to marry each other in China.
As some of the Li and Lin migrated to other continents, the spelling changed too. Hence, in Singapore and countries of South East Asia, the Li family name is spelled Lee. Alternate Romanizations include Lai (in Cantonese), Lý (Vietnam), Lí (Vietnam), Lei (Macau), Lie (Indonesia), and Lê (Vietnam).
I guess the fact that LEE Kuan Yew (of Singapore) also share the same surname proves nothing at all at this point. Taken collectively, these surnames make Li the most common surname in the world and I’m sure we have met some Lee’s in our own neighbourhood and it proves nothing but biology.

But then again, we have to take into account the historical background of PAP and it’s connection to the Li’s family who controls Mainland China. If there’s a connection between PAP and the red party in China, then definitely there’s a connection between the LEEs in Singapore and the LIs who controls China.

Not many people would know this, but when PAP was inaugurated in November 1954, the communists and the Freemasons were invited as VIPs. The VIPs representing China’s communists are Fang Chuang Pi ('the Plen'), Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan. Then there’s Devan Nair as pro-Communist.

In his later memoirs, Lee Kuan Yew admitted that it was the communists who supported him in becoming the Prime Minister in 1959. This is an important admission because that means the Li dynasty in China was responsible in putting the Lee dynasty in Singapore to power.
The Li dynasty in China is certainly a force of power to reckon with. When the Premier Li Peng visit New York City, amongst his top agenda was meeting another prominent Illuminati dynasty - the Rockefellers. Of all the dictators in this world, Li Peng was amongst a few whom somehow managed to escape media persecutions by the West despite being the person behind the "Tiananmen Square Massacre". Li Peng also shamelessly make use of his premiership to enrich the Li’s family. He spent much of his premiership staffing the State Power Corp with his relatives. Li's management effectively transformed China's energy industry into a "family fiefdom". At its height, Li's power company controlled 72% of all energy-producing assets in China, and was ranked as the sixtieth-largest company in the world by US magazine Fortune. Two of Li's children, Li Xiaopeng and Li Xiaolin, inherited and ran two of China's electrical monopolies.

Another Li currently in power is the Li Ka-shing . This richest person of East Asian is the eleventh richest person in the world with an estimated wealth of US$ 22 billion as of 2011. Presently, he is the Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) and Cheung Kong Holdings; through them, he is the world's largest operator of container terminals and the world's largest health and beauty retailer.

The trend continues in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew’s youngest son, Lee Hsien Yang, was a former President and Chief Executive Officer of SingTel - one of the largest mobile network operators in the world. He is currently the Non-Executive Director and Chairman of F&N Limited - a company with total assets of over S$13 billion and employed over 13,000 people in 20 countries. Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter, Lee Wei Ling, runs the National Neuroscience Institute while Lee Hsien Loong's wife, Ho
Ching, is the Executive Director and CEO of Temasek Holdings - an investment company owned by the government of Singapore with a portfolio of about S$193 billion (US$157 billion), end of March 2011.
So, if there’s a connection between the Li’s in China and the Lee’s in Singapore, then what’s the connection between the Lee’s in Singapore with the Island of Penang?
This might come as a surprise, but while the Li surname has evolved into Lee in South East Asia, so does the surname Lin. The Lin surname is sometimes pronounced as LIM in Singapore and Malaysia.

DAP is ruled by  members of  Lim dynasty 

Who is THE MOST Famous LIM in Malaysia?

We know now that the Penang Democratic Action Party (DAP) was originally the Malaysian branch of the Singapore People's Action Party (PAP). However, Singapore seceded from the federation in 1965, many of the Malaysian PAP members were instructed to continue the party, including future President of Singapore Devan Nair who stayed in Malaysia to form the DAP in October 1965.

Ever since its formation, DAP has one member who happens to be a relative of PAP leader Lee Kuan Yew. His name is Lim Kit Siang, and in the early years when Lee Kuan Yew was studying in a High School in Batu Pahat, Lim Kit Siang was also schooling there and stayed with Lee Kuan Yew and his family (the historical fact about Lew Kuan Yew’s stay in Johore has been deleted from Singapore texts. So don’t bother yourself seeking verification. If you need corroborative evidence, ask the old folks at Batu Pahat).
I guess you can already guess where I am going with this. Yes, Lee Kuan Yew and Lim Kit Siang are related or at least as close relatives as can be. It’s already known in public that Lee Kuan Yew was Lim Kit Siang‘s it  just plain coincidence?? They are members of the Illuminati family!!!

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