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Malays marginalised under PAS, PKR and DAP?

The latest cry by of BOYCOTT by DAP on Gardenia is one too many evidents that the racist party is all out to further marginalised Malays economically after the party, together with it cohorts PAS and PKR loot the Selangor, Penang and Kedah  states economy as part of the prize for winning the mantle of administration for these poor states. Further read on Gardenia issue

What is the real motive behind the BOYCOTT  of Gardenia by these so called democratic party leaders?

Another war cry by DAP was the National Feedlot Corporation who happened to be owned by Shahrizad's husband  pkr-demands-answers-over-failure-of-national-feedlot-corporation/.

Why PAS is silence when  DAP and PKR  are crying foul over NFC ...when NFC  aim is to provide HALAL and TOYYIBAH  meat for Muslim consumption?

Members of the public FAILED to see that part of the aim for NFC was to provide HALAL and TOYYIBAH meat for Muslim consumption. The HALAL and TOYYIBAH criteria  differs from ordinary meat because the WHOLE process has to be halal from the animal feed onwards; then the animal has to be  slaughtered and adhered to the strict Muslim procedures. What many fail to see is that these slaugtered meat has to be kept in a Centralised Processing Unit (CPU) that separates HALAL and non halal meat. As CPUs in this country is still under the monopoly of the non Muslim Chinese  (as only 15% food supply is being run by Muslims) how are we going to ensure that the meat consumed at a "HALAL" restaurant is actually HALAL all the way from animal feed to CPU and cooked with the HALAL ingredient before it is served on our table? Further explaination on NFC issue -read  NFC

Or maybe their memories fade too soon when PKR government of Selangor approved 2 large tract of lands to secure pork meat in Selangor .Further read dokumen-ladang-babi-mega-selangor

An excerpt of the  pig farm takeover with the blessing of PR Selangor government  (that includes PAS) is included below:

-exco MTES yang bersidang dipohon untuk menimbang dan meluluskan perkara berikut.

a) meluluskan pengambilan balik tanah di PT3420,PT3425 dan PT3426 seluas 337.09 ekar di mukim batu kuala langat sebagai modern pig farm (MPF) di bawah seksyen 3(1)(b) akta pengambilan tanah 1960.

b) task force MPF diminta menyatakan syarat kepada syarikat-syarikat yang berminat agar memasukkan kos pengambilan balik tanah didalam kertas cadangan masing-masing." -From Gerakan Anti PKR blog

Further on HALAL and Toyyibah issue for Muslim is the foul cry (oh no not again!) on Johor Corporation of KFC Holdings takeover. Further read  update-johor-corp-cvc-capital-launch-takeover-of-qsr-kfch.html     I do not understand why DAP is crying foul  over the takeover  when the MAJORITY of this country population is Muslim and there is indeed a need to provide the majority  of Malaysian population with HALAL and Toyyibah meat! Further to that the move by Jcorp is timely because food industry is recession proof. So WHAT IS THE REAL MOTIVES behind the outcry by DAP and its cohorts??

These irresponsible politicians do not stop short at attacking the corporation owned by Muslims (and as usual their lame excuse it is owned by UMNO). Take a look at the dirty attempt to discredit KR1M . KR1M is a way for a very welfare minded government to ensure that the mass poor of Malaysia can afford to buy basic food stuff. Do you see the sinister pattern    kedai-rakyat-products-come-under-fire.?

DAP MP is championing to trottle KR1M-what is the real motive?

Maybe the readers are not fully convince on how the so called democratic and Islamic unholly alliances of DAP-PAS-PKR marginalised the majority Muslim population of Malaysia who happen to be the mass poor? Read on the survey done by a PAS think tank group below:

Survey: Penang Malays feel Marginalised

A survey by the Ilham Centre, an emerging think-tank with ties to PAS, shows that 80% of Malays in three constituencies – Kepala Batas, Tasik Gelugor and Bayan Lepas – believe they have been marginalised under the Pakatan Rakyat government. This is in contrast to 47% who think that Umno had not fulfilled their expectations.

The issue of PAS becoming a puppet of the DAP and PKR was listed as the top national issue for them. A total of 55% said they were concerned PAS was being used by its Pakatan partners.

Boycott campaign by DAP on Gardenia after  Syeikh Muktar Bukhari has a stake in the company is only the tip of the iceberg to marginalised Malays in economy.

The survey was carried out early last month in the parliamentary constituencies of Kepala Batas and Tasik Gelugor and the state seat of Bayan Lepas, all of which are currently held by Umno.

Former premier Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop are the respective incumbents in Kepala Batas and Tasik Gelugor, which were won with big majorities. However, Barisan Nasional won Bayan Lepas by only 399 votes.

PAS is believed to be looking for a safe seat for its deputy president Mohamad Sabu in Penang where Mohd Salleh Man is its sole assemblyman in Permatang Pasir.

Race and other communal issues figured prominently as priorities among the Malays. For instance, in terms of national issues, 47% said race and ethnicity issues would affect the way they vote, followed by Malay supremacy and special rights (43%), development (36%) and Malay welfare and Islam (29%).

Only 16% named PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as a national issue and 9% thought that the sodomy and sex video was an issue.

However, Anwar was not seen as a state or local leader whom they looked up to, although 30% said they respected Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and 13% recognised deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mansor Othman.

For more than 50% of those interviewed, local Umno figures in their vicinity were regarded as those whom they recognised and respected. Only 3% regarded state Opposition chief Datuk Azhar Ibrahim as their leader while less than 3% saw Penang Umno chief Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman as a local leader.

Of the local factors that would affect the way they vote, 55% of them said it was about the Malays being sidelined by the DAP leadership. This was followed by the Chief Minister’s personal image and the perception of DAP cronyism (52%), cost of living and opportunities (45%), Chinese dominance if Pakatan wins again (40%), the Penang economy and people’s welfare (29%), and inadequate infrastructure and ame-nities (25%).

The report noted that PAS did not enjoy a high profile in Penang and was not seen as a champion of Malay interests. Local PAS leaders like Mat Sabu and Parit Buntar MP Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa were not perceived as Penang leaders although the latter was from the state.

According to the report, Anwar’s influence in Penang was confined largely to Permatang Pauh where he is an MP. PKR’s multi-racial outlook also did not appeal to the Malays.

The Malays interviewed still looked to Umno for Malay leadership although they did not like the way the mamaks or Indian-Muslims dominate Umno politics in the state. About 53% said Umno looked after them well compared to 26% who said Pakatan had done the same.

(source: Joceline Tan of The Star)

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