Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brutality against Malaysian police by drunken Penangites on 2008's new year eve celebration

Malaysians will never forget nor forgive the brutality suffered by Malaysian police in the hands of drunken Penangites. First of all, the policemen were there to safeguard members of the public- this is  part of their duty to protect Penagites as well as other Malaysians.

Yet.....their goodwill were rewarded with rude action and racial slurs by Penangites.

Let us not forget who these people are and the political party they represented. They had just won 5 states in the recently concluded General Election 12  in 2008 and racism was rife.

To peace loving Malaysians, let us not repeat the same mistake and give out vote to "the party" and their "political cohorts"
that breed racism and religious fanatics  to win the vote.

Will 2011 new year eve party in Penang and Selangor  be the perfect  avenue (and opportunity)  for these irresponsible street urchins to throw empty beer cans at the police again?

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