Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Foreign "Agenda" and PAS' betrayal on Islam

The betrayal of  PAS, the so called "Islamic party" is clearly seen in these two articles pas-backs-alkitab-release-usage dan PAS betrayal of Islam at Sibu

Excerp from The Malaysian Insider 18 March states:

" KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 — The use of Christian bibles in Bahasa Malaysia will not affect the position of Islam and Muslims in the country, the influential PAS Ulama council has said.

In backing the release of the previously impounded 35,100 Malay-language bibles, council chief Datuk Harun Taib said Christians should not be denied their right to use the bibles as Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of the country.

“For me, there is no issue if the bible is used in Bahasa Malaysia... even [if it is printed] in other languages [there] should not be a problem.

“Would the faith of Muslims be affected by a translation of the bible? No, it is just a bible read by Christians, that is all. Why must there be any opposition?” Harun said to The Malaysian Insider.

May be it is high time to highlight the whole series of the videos which consist of part 1,2 and 3 for Muslims to see the "larger picture" on the treat to Islam by these so called "liberalised Islam" politicians. Hopefully we will never again be duped by these politicians who ride on the pedestal of religion to destroy Islam from within.

Part 1

Part 2

Surprise, surprise the so called Islamic leaders who betrayed Islam are  Azmin Ali, Nasharudin Tantawi Vice President of PAS, Husam Musa PAS Vice President 1 and senior exco and  warlord in Kelantan, Mat Sabu Deputy President 2 PAS, Hatta Ramli PAS Treasurer, Sallahudin Ayub PAS Youth Leader, Mustafa Ali PAS party strategist and politician, Badrul Amin PAS legislator, RPK and Anwar Ibrahim the de facto leader of Pakatan Rakyat- according to the video (Berseh is an NGO which supports Interfaith Council or IFC , which fights for pluralisme of religion in Malaysia)

Part 3

May Allah gives us guidance and may we be united in our fight against attempts to pluralise Islam in Malaysia. Ameen.

Next- what is Wahhabism and how these policians are related to The Foreign Agenda


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