Friday, December 3, 2010

when the "asset" is on loan

Dear readers,

Forgive my naught for the latest postings. I do hope it serves a lesson to those who go on "personal enhancement" while on a relationship. In Malay it is simply termed; pisau cukur.

Read on the case of a German women who was threaten to have her dear assets a.k.a breast implants repossessed.

Read the news from Reuters Breast implant

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) – A German woman who splashed out on breast implants with a loan from her then boyfriend now fears her assets could be re-possessed after she failed to fully reimburse him, the 20-year-old woman told Bild newspaper.

Her ex-boyfriend is demanding that she return the 4,379 euros ($5,865) he gave her to pay for her breast enlargement surgery in 2009 or he'll call the police and get the repossessors involved, Bild reported on Wednesday.

"It's true that Carsten signed a loan agreement shortly before the operation," the woman named only as Anastasia is quoted saying. "The condition was that I wouldn't have to pay him back if I stayed with him for a year."

But the pair split shortly after she underwent the plastic surgery. The woman said she had transferred 3,000 euros into her ex-boyfriend's account last week.

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