Sunday, December 19, 2010

It leaks and the House shall fall...

Countries around the world  woke up with embarassment when gossips among their top diplomats made rounds  in Wikileaks. The affair saw the main perpetrator Assange being arrested, released  and house arrested at a 10-bedroom mansion in United Kingdom while awaiting extradition to Sweden. But the military co-conspirator that cooked up the soup and leaked out most of the story, Private First Class Bradley Manning, who actually leaked many of the cables and documents regarding Afghanistan and Iraq to the Wikileaks organization, remained incarcerated at the Marine Corps Brig in Quantico.

In Indonesia Indoleaks at  offers sneak peak at Bank Century's affair which will certainly set  some red face amongs the country's top brass.

In Malaysia we have a localised version of Malaysialeaks. The can of worms on APCO was opened  by parliamentarian  Zulkifli Nordin  APCO . This  Malaysialeaks   saw the deceitful political ploy by Anwar to confuse the public on APCO. The Malaysian version of  Machiavellian move, a trademark of Anwar's tactical ploy in deceiving  members of the public on every single issue befalling him  will eventually put him in the Hall Of Shame in Malaysian politics. See the cronology of events detailed by another parliamentarian Truth-on-anwar-suspension-over-APCO . 

As Barking Magpie noted in his article,  decline-of-false-martyr-anwar-ibrahims, poor Anwar Ibrahim is simply a prisoner of his passions, to the extent that they override his sense of self-preservation. Or, more intriguingly, did Anwar Ibrahim calculate that a second trial on sodomy would redound to his long-term political benefit, as the first one assuredly did? And  he "briliantly" used the APCO issue to discredit the prosecutor and the government of Malaysia in the eyes of the naive members of the public. Barking Magpie further added that in Anwar’s mental universe, the whole issue  are a product of Malaysia's special branch,wherein they are penetrated by Israeli agents. 

Indeed this is a sad day for Malaysians for our August House is being filled by  immatured politicians who are willing to sell their souls to the devil and fall as victims to their own an nafs.

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