Monday, May 31, 2010 the world mourns

As the world mourns the unnecessary death of human rights activist, Rachel Corrie at such a young age of 23, the aggressor state is still at large.

This time around, the aggressor state took a shooting spree and her army troops captured  a ship carrying food and aids to the embattled Palestinian.

Further news can be accessed in the link provided:-

Summoning ambassadors to condemns such barbaric act is passe act. The aggressor state is hiding behind "terrorism" and "defending the nation's sovereignty"  to launch yet another attack on attempts to reach the starving and dying Palestinians.

It is about time that we the Muslim put aside our political differences and fight for a just cause.....helping our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine.

It is also nerve rattling that some of us in Malaysia  took a swipe and dare to point fingers at their political foe for cheap  political mileage. Empathy and humanity  are no political pawn. Enough is enough!  Life is no game !

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Wake UP! said...

Surely America will show their true colours and support whatever the Jews did as we all knew that America is controlled by Jews.