Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How do you feel to betray your own race?

How do you feel to betray your own race?

That question was spat to Jake Sully avatar's face at the end of the movie, when the Na'vi race successfully defeated the human race. The defeated human beings were sent back to planet earth, the overpopulated and dying planet with no trees, water and devoid of conducive environment to live, breath and breed.

Jake Sully was sent to infiltrate the Na'vi, learn their language, culture and war secret, gain their trust and effectively convince the Na'vi community to vacate their tree -top settlement, a site rich in a precious mineral deposits which is much needed by the human race.

Jake learnt all the necessary skill; hunting skills, taming the wild giant birds unfortunately he falls for the Na'vi princess and start betraying his own race.

The movie is full of environmentalist's agenda, from save the mother nature and reminisces that of Pocahontas in futuristic Pandora.

Ehmm the Pandora box is now open!. Besides casting a white male actor as the male lead, the movie casts a Venezuelan actress as the Na'vi princess, a coincident? And the modus operandi is very similar to err agent provocateurs' modus of operation, albeit a failed one.

Some critics claim the latest movie blockbuster by James Cameroon is also a flash to the recent past on the Caucasians' / white people colonisation of the North American continent and the rest of Asian and African continents.

And it also, eerily, reminds us of the Caucasians, The Hidden Hand and their agenda in colonising the world last century through war, and this century via technology and media propaganda.

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