Monday, October 19, 2009

Leaders of new age- humbleness is a must trait

On 27 Dec 2004, in the aftermath of the worst tsunami in modern history that spewed its wrath from Sri Langka and Maldives in the Indian Ocean to Aceh, Indonesia and Phuket, Thailand, in the Pacific ocean, I wrote in the then newly created blog, ..............."when mother nature shows its wrath...we humans are humbled by it"

Five years on and I am truly humbled today when Mr. Obama announced , in an acceptance speech of this year Nobel Peace Prize award that he is "very surprised and deeply humbled " by the award.

This humble attitude by Mr. Obama, to many Asians is no surprise for he did spent several years, in his formative years , in Indonesia. Humbleness and silence, but at the same time maintaining great control of the situation, to many Asians, is the golden key to virtue.

This brings me back memories of the bygone ancient kings in ancient kingdom, the intrinsic working of palace politics is not played by the cross of swords, but it is played by the cross of poetic words. This sort of noble communications, via words that is beautifully interwoven in a poem can be harsh enough for a leading courtesan to commit suicide in the case of Sang Rajuna Nestapa (father of Tun Perak) in Sejarah Melayu during the Malaccan Sultanate.

What makes Mr Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize was not his contribution, because he was newly elected to the Office some 8 months before. But more importantly is his determination to avert crisis and more bloodbath in conflict regions around the world.

Upon his inauguration as president of United States of America, he selected Mrs. Hillary Clinton to the be State Secretary. Many will still remember that Mrs. Hillary Clinton and an ex USA First Lady, was his main foe during the running for Democrats presidential candidate.

His willingness to work as a team with many different parties is reflected in the mixture of set up, uniquely Obama style in his administration.

His bravery to divert away from the recent tactic of scarring away Muslims and blaming them for every mishaps, a trade mark of Bush administration, is commendable.

Thus, whatever the debate is around the world, Mr. do deserve the Nobel Peace Prize as an affirmation of your new approach to the new world hope of peace!.

Americans must realise that they have to work as a team with the rest of the world to help solve our world biggest problem...pandemic disease, food shortage..........and mother nature wrath; earthquakes, tsunami, typhoon. Welcome on board America.

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