Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From the book of Strategems- when you are in deep shit, do nothing

I was busy these past few days and do not post any article regarding " real politics" on "real time" issue as per say.

However, my unconcious mind was already uneasy over Barisan Nasional's (BN) involvement in the temple relocation of Section 19 to 23 Shah Alam. While BN should be applauded for staying cool as a cucumber over the Kg Buah Pala issue in Penang, saying the right thing, doing the right thing ...." as it is the State Government prerogative to settle the issue involving (squatters on ) alienated land" in the said state ......they have, unfortunately , fall prey to Pakatan Rakyat clever spinning machines.

Centuries has passed, but powerful political leaders, admirals, ambitious courtesan like The Empress Dowager and now corporate marauders and climbers still use the tried and tested advices in Tsun Szu book of stratagem.

One of the stratagems advice is " to do nothing when you are in deep shit or problem"

BN has taken the right step in excusing itself , and in the process, sparring any ill feeling towards the party due to the fiasco of Kg Buah Pala issue . The powerful message send from this (in)action to all Malaysians was "next time you better vote for BN, at least you spare yourselves from bringing these fiasco to your land".

Ehmmm (Sigh).....finally, The Rakyat has realised their mistakes in voting the wrong coalition to govern their state! The effect is not limited to Penang alone, but the ripples is infectious and the impact is felt all over Malaysia.

Alas, all these good effort over the past few months was dampen when BN naively promised to bring to the court those Section 23 protesters, who merely protested because their land, previously designated as muslim surau, were being tranformed into a Hindu temple which serve smaller community needs! The message to the Rakyat is crystal clear "booking muslims in the midst of Ramadhan who merely defended their land from greedy political marauders " who happen to be PR membes of the state govenment!

BN has made two grave mistakes here, firstly giving a life line to PR , now the blame game will be shifted to BN for "being at the wrong place at the wrong time".

Secondly, the issue will definately be spinned by clever PR campaign machinery, who are famous for producing questionable Statuotory Declarations, suspicious claims, fraud invoices to claim for non existance projects and mystery letters..oh what the heck...with their clever spinning will not be long before BN be the lame duck, accused and to be blamed for all PR government fiasco due to their inability to govern PR led states!

Sometimes it better to adopt the cool Javanese emperor's stance "above the law " and let PR governments in these states put their foot in their own mouth and eat back the accusations spat during the 12 General elections......

Ever heard of an African saying being succesfully adopted by President Roosevelt at the turn of last century that marks America's entrance as Uncle Sam in world politics?

"Carry a big stick and walk softly.........." May be BN should do that!

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