Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dealing with a teenage mutant ninja turtle princess

It is a mundane Saturday. May 30 2009 is a quite day for me.

And suddenly, my princess came back from her incarceration, of hostel life in Perak....and hold and behold, caused a ruckus in a usually quite household.

Oh la la, there she is, out again, with her friends.

As parents, what shall you do? Yes, what shall you do? A teenager is a teenager, after all. The hormone is raging madly through every cells and veins in the body.

Ehmmmm, I wonder, what my mom and dad would do, when I was my princess's age. Ehmm what goes around come around.

Oh I remember the age old time, tried and tested method that is sooo effective. Sometimes in this modern age, parents do tend to cast off spiritual/islamic way of life that have been proven very efective when dealing with one's proginy.

I remember, a learned friend of mine reminded me that it is good to send good positive energy to our love ones via recitation of Al Fatehah, Salawat, and Surah Al Ikhlas. So, pray to Allah, and Allah shall provide thou answers and solutions to your problems.

So what is up with May 30 2009? I shall continue, with yet another interesting article.

For now, salam and salutation, ces't lah vie, life is life, one has to live the life according to taqdir. ... and adjust the decree of the qada and qadar via doa. Insyallah.

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