Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Buy Muslim First -an uprising

In the annals of anthropology the world over , the Malays has been known as a peaceful and non violent race. A study on proto Malay , the Jakun noted that when confronted with aggressiveness, the Jakun would simply ignore the aggressiveness /tantrums of a particular  child and keep calm. In later years the Jakun learn to be well behave and conform to society standard of non-aggressiveness. Similarly, the Malays will ignore any act of aggressiveness and provocation to “teach “ the  misbehave party /race the  standard of acceptable behaviour in the Malay majority populated land of Malaysia

The Malays have pledged loyalty to their tribal leaders as evidence the popular folklore The Covenant- a pledged between Demang Lebar Daun and his lord Sang Sapurba. Demang Lebar Daun as a loyal subject pledge that he and all his descendants will respect their leader for  as long as the leader is fair.

The Malays never once shown any signs of insubordination towards their lords if they are treated well.  However as recent as the 1800s the Malay village in Gemenchih  Negeri Sembilan led an exodus from a   village due to  the brutality suffered in the hands of their penghulu

Thus where does the Malay threshold of patience and virtue end? Though however patient and compromising the Malays are throughout history they will never compromise on religion, race and nation (Agama , Bangsa Negara)

The Malays will not do any disturbing uprising like the Arab Spring, People Power of Philippines  nor the Hong Kong riot. But thet will do civil disobedient peacefully

Malaysia and this Archipelago that house the Malay tribe  has  had not seen any civil disobedient insofar in the history of the Malay empire  I concur with my fb pal Hanizah Hashim that this civil disobedient of #BuyMuslimFirst is history in the making. Something, somewhere, someone must have triggered that Malay Defensive  DNA amok

This is also rhe beginning of the end of the unpopular PH regime

Policy makers and academicians had warned in their writing, to keep this region peaceful you have to satisfy the son of the soil. Maybe it is time the PH regime go back o school and study the Malay Annals and Malay Manuscripts.

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