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Kenapa Zahid Paling Popular sekarang?

Nama Datuk Seri Dr Radin Zahid Hamidi tak perlu diperkenalkan lagi sekarang. Nama beliau popular seantario Malaya bukan sahaja di kalangan orang UMNO, tapi orang Melayu, Cina , India dan Bumi Sabah Sarawak.
Zahid Hamidi popular kerana sebab utamanya Cina pon sudah bosan dengan karenah Lim Guan Eng yang bodoh sombong . Di mata rakyat Malaysia, hanya Zahid Hamidi, keturunan bangsawan Kerajaan Mataram ini yang boleh menyental muka LGE.....Tak percaya? Sila baca komen komen di ruangan komen Helen Ang kenapa Zahid Hamidi popular.

By Ellese

Ellese’s comment originally @ 2013/10/09 at 2:55 am

Dear Helen,

With due respect, I have to disagree [Helen's views HERE]. It’s not about Zahid. It’s about standing up to the cocky tokong and the gang. Zahid embodies that.

The thing is with 2/3 Malays are with Umno, being assertive and certain against the tirade of Lim Guan Eng and the gang is what Malays including non Umno’s want. Many Malays voted Umno not because they support it 100% but because of the threat of the unity of Chinese under DAP that bulldoze against anything Malay without impunity. The Allah issue is a case in point.

Zahid is refreshing from the defensive Najib. Malays are nowadays so shameful for being a Malay and scared being called racist. DAP has turned anything Malay as racist but anything Chinese as Malaysian. Zahid embodies a person who dare to stand up against the racist DAP. And we need more of him. So let us put LGE in his rightful place.

Ps. I am a resident head and always advocate that people who threatens my family and neighbours are not deserving any sympathy. The guards will do what is ‘necessary’ before handing the beaten up robbers or snatch thatchers to me and the police.

I have no sympathy to those who threatened and tie up my kids and family. Security first.

By Calvin Sankaran

Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/10/09 at 2:33 pm

I am sorry Helen – I got to disagree with you on this.

I am a firm believer in Newton’s Law in politics too – that every action has an equal reaction.

So when the Chinese overwhelmingly rejected BN/Umno in GE13, they did not consider the fact that there will be consequences. Najib been the most pro-non bumi PM after TAR and he showered much policy gifts on the Chinese and done much for the Indians. He rolled back many restrictions on the non bumis and liberalized the economy. He also done much to democratize the country by repealing many outdated laws.

What did he get in return ? Nothing, nada from the Chinese. By rejecting him, they rejected all his policy changes and overtures – basically they spit on his face and told him to go to hell. Burning his photos and putting his pic on altar of the death are some of the examples the Chinese expressed their “gratitude”.

So what do you expect Najib to do? Go down on his knees and beg for forgiveness and votes? While ignoring and punishing those who voted for him (Malays and poor Indians)?

On top of this we have non Malays (especially Christians) becoming so vocal in condemning and even insulting the Malays and Muslims (especially the evangelistas of DAP). Malays are by nature [patient] and polite but many in private are seething in anger at all these insults and threats. To many Malays, Umno and the royalty are the embodiment of the Malay spirit and identity. But attacking these two institutions and calling Umno as dogs and racists on daily basis is only hardening the Malay stance and eroding their patience.

I agree with Ellese that people like Zahid not because he is an ultra Malay but because he’s someone who stands up to the bullying ways of Dapsters and not afraid to put them in their place. Malays are tired of the insults thrown at them. The Dapsters have gone to the extent where the word Malay is means “racist”. In the utopian world of Bangsar Malaysia, being a Malay is a crime and a shame.

I don’t agree with his shoot first policy but I fully support him on his anti crime drive – finally the police are on the winning side. I am not sure what exactly he meant with his latest statement – I would believe the spins of Mkini 100%. But I did read that he did not refer to “3 line” to the gang but Perkida a social organization.

So in essense, Zahid represents the Malay self respect (maruah) just like Hannah embodies the Christian extremism and Guan Eng the Chinese “kurang ajar-ism” and biawak-ism.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-10-09 16-00-30

By Grandmarquis

Grandmarquis’ comment originally @ 2013/10/09 at 1:46 pm

Hi Helen,

In this kind of time we might need someone like Zahid. Frankly, for all the while, the Malay dislike people who acted like Zahid. But today, the thumping and the arrogance of LGE and his bunch of DAPster is beyond tolerance that we need someone to put a slap on their face.

Look at the recent CEC case where they unrepentantly call ROS as Umno’s running dog while anyone even with a pea brain would know that Umno has nothing to do with the DAP fiasco. This is not coming out from Red Bean, but by some top brass in DAP. The arrogance of DAP has gone overboard that they think anything blamed on Umno will be swallowed without any repercussion. It is just like ‘if you are Umno, we are free to accuse you of anything’.

Many people (Malay) may not like Umno, but trying insulting our intelligence stupidity and hypocrisy is just too much to be handled.

By Setem

Setem’s comment originally @ 2013/10/09 at 8:29 am

I also don’t agree with you, Helen, as far as Zahid is concerned.

Zahid simply embodies the spirit of Malays fighting back against racists of DAP, Dong Zong, etc.

My guess is that Najib is actually “using” Zahid to make a point to the targetted groups that he’s disappointed for the lack of supports from those groups that he had worked hard to appease.

Zahid has my fullest support.

Setem’s comment originally @ 2013/10/09 at 1:52 pm

You guys should take a note that PAS and PKR top leaders (the Malays) are pretty silent about Zahid.

It’s an open secret that Anwar has always a soft spot for Zahid. Zahid was among the very few Umno fellas who did not immediately abandon Anwar when Anwar was kicked out of Umno.

By Hassan Ali

Hassan’s comment originally @ 2013/10/09 at 9:07 am

Orang rata-rata Melayu menyokong apa yang Zahid, Ali Rustam dan mereka yang senada dengan nya katakan.

Perasaan Melayu sudah lama tersinggung dengan cacian dan hinaan oleh bangsa pendatang terutama DAP terhadap agama, bangsa dan raja-raja Melayu.

Sekarang apa nak jadi, jadilah. Kesabaran Melayu ada hadnya.

By Rizwan

Rizwan’s comment originally @ 2013/10/09 at 1:49 pm | In reply to Eddy Daud

Agreed… time for real bad ass Malay leader to come out and put the ungrateful Malay and non-Malay on their rightful seats.

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Anonymous said...

Brader takkan kita buta & tuli? Zahid popular kerana ketegasan & keberaniannya berdepan dgn penjenayah & pembangkang. Org melayu semakin cemas dgn pemimpin yg lembik & penakot. jadi bila zahid bertegas terutamanya membenteras jenayah yg sedang berleluasa maka rakyat menarik nafas lega. tak dapat bayang klu PM kekalkan sepupunya di kdn lepas pru13.

Anonymous said...

Setuju.zahid terbaikk!

Nok said...

salam sejahtera, kalau harapkan hishamudin nak lawan gangster sampai la ni pun tak ada yg mati...hishamudin ni mercun meletup pun lari masuk kain bini dia...saya pun hairan apa kreteria PM pilih dia jadi menteri pertahanan...kita pun dah tahu jawabnya...saya harap jgn lah ahli umno pilih dia lagi sebagai naib presiden...kelak memang dia tak boleh jaga kebajikan org2 melayu percaya lah...dia pun ada hati nak jadi PM???dia kena ambil cermin besar dan tengol agak2 layak ke jadi PM????kalau dia kalah sebagai naib presiden selamat lah umno..kerana kita org melayu tak perlu menteri penakut macam dia ni....