Monday, March 4, 2013

The damning silence on opposition front


An anti establishment Speaker of Selangor  Tan Chang Khim  released these photo shoot that might compromise the safety of our army personnel. A Speaker for The State of Selangor is supposed to be patriotic because he SERVES the governemt which is made of The Selangor Sultan and The Yang Di Pertuan Agong. Did he forget his OATH of Allegiance to the Government of Malaysia when he accepted his Speaker ship from The Sultan?

Lho and behold look at the responses he received from fast thinking Malaysians. I am proud of those who answered briliantly especially Mr . Fazdley Abdoul Rahman

Brilliant explanation by Mr Fadzley silenced Mr Theng Chang Khim and Derek. The latter  even wrongly spelled  "plane" as "plain". Damning evidence that their DAPster feeling is clouding their  judgement.

Teng Cham Khim was even reprimanded by others. Maybe by now he is fast learning that when it comes to country's sovereignty, anti establishment and loyalty to party (DAP) should be put aside.

Be grateful to our policemen and army personnel  who are willing to  sacrifice their life so that we can live peacefully. Al Fatehah to all fallen heroes.


Anonymous said...

Teng Chang Khim and Derek Francis Beins, have it ever occurred in your stupid heads that commercial air crafts, be it MAS' or Air Asia's, could be chartered for private use?? What are you guys trying to imply anyway???

Anonymous said...

2 cina bukit..
lu suda puas sedut nafas ka???
gua potong ayam..dapat lu gua sebat.
banyak cibai punya cina bukit!!!