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lagi berkenaan krisis air- proposal Puncak Niaga yang dibakulsampahkan Selangor

Puncak Niaga telah menghantar 3 proposal untuk penyelesaian kes jangka pendak, sederhana dan panjang kepada Selangor. Namun proposal tersebut telah dibakulsampahkan. Lawatan kerja oleh GPRS semalam berjaya menerangkan kepada penduduk kampung perkara sebenar dalam bahasa mudah. Ikuti catatan  lawatan tapak dalam Bahasa Inggeris di bawah;-

Based on facts and figures given by Puncak Niaga on a study trip to the plant yesterday-these are the findings to be shared with members of the public. The on site   briefing was done by representatives of Puncak Niaga at  the Ulu Langat 1 Treatment Plant.

On Balakong isolated water crisis

It was an  "isolated" water crisis in Balakong is due to the incapability of the existing Langat 1 plant  to supply treated water to the Cheras Balancing Reservoir (near Bandar Mahkota - Operate & Maintain by Puncak Niaga) which will then be channeled to Syabas distribution system....which consist of  old pipes, pumphouses, valves and storage tank.

Hence the existing Langat 1 capacity has to be increased by the following 3 options...Contrary to the "blame game" by Selangor, the present water crisis has nothing to do with Langat 2 plant which has been halted by Selangor State Government.  If and only if the Selangor State Government allow the work order for the Langat 2 plant and if and only if  the  Langat 2 plant  is completed, then this crisis will be over because by far that is the best long term solution to avert another water crisis in Klang Valley. But with the delay tactics on the state government .....the Langat 2 plant will not be fully operational for the next 3 years!.

The Puncak Niaga Solution that was trashed out by Selangor State Government

Option 1 Partial Upgrading of Langat 1 Plant

To upgrade or replace all the major mechanical & electrical work to improve efficiency and availability without touching the civil works which would impaired the present critical operation of Langat 1. This is in fact a FAST TRACK SHORT TERM SOLUTION

Option 2 - Total Upgrading of Langat 1 Plant.
For both Options further hydrological studies has to be done to establish the max allowable capacity of the upgrading works beside the feasibility of implementing it from techno commercial perspective. This is in fact a MEDIUM TERM SOLUTION to the water crisis

Having done that the following steps need to be taken
1 - To increase the storage capacity of BMC Balancing Reservoir (Puncak Niaga)
2 - To upgrade or replace all the the distribution plants and facilities in consistent with the Balakong demand i.e pumphouses, valves, storage tanks and pipelines (Syabas)

Please note, this proposal was not part of the RM 600 M Mitigation Projects and hence a separate budget has to be approve by KeTTHA

It seems Puncak Niaga has submitted the proposal few years ago to both KeTTHA and State Govt to mitigate the Balakong Crisis and so far no action has been taken by both parties.
The GPRS Team was at the Langat plant yesterday.
Langat Intake (Muka Suak) picture was taken on 2nd Aug..please note that the low water level at intake point. This is the place where the water level should be measured not at the dam as splashed out in the newspapers with some Pakatan Rakyat leaders posing. The dam is the reservoir for untreated water!

According to PUNCAK NIAGA based on their hydrological record, they are also not sure how much more the existing plant can be further upgraded, since the demand has shoot up and the riverflow cant cope out with the demand..
To Pakatan Rakyat , they claimed the high water level in the dam as part of the Syabas & Puncak Niaga  strategy to manufactured the crisis. In actual fact it is part of Puncak Niaga crisis management exercise. the pre preemptive measures taken to avert the crisis!
Option 3
All in a nut shell , it is logical that The  Pahang Water Transfer and Langat 2 treatment plant is a MUST CONSIDER  option , under the present  circumstances and parametersas- and it is considered to be  the LONG TERM SOLUTION to avert Klang Valley Water Crisis

Datuk Fuad Omar

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