Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The next stage of onslaught on Muslims in Malaysia

PRU12 saw the shocking defeat of UMNO- led Barisan Nasional in 5 states; Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Perak (for 11 months).

Trinity Corporation was Talam. Look at the logo that resembles a cross. Is there more than an underwater element to RM 1 billion bail out  fiasco by Selangor State government?

These defeat were credited to the "ingenuity" and uniformity of action by unsuspecting team of  Anwar- KJ. They were (and still are) from different camps yet they worked in tandem  to damage the fort of Malay Muslim political dominance from within and outside UMNO . In 2008 we were in the dark who was responsible for the demolishing of Fort Knox of UMNO political dominance in Malaysia. Now we know the individual  who worked to damage UMNO -led Barisan from within. He is non other than the then Prime Minister's son-in- law, KJ. Anwar meanwhile work to knock Barisan from outside. The once non -workable- loose- cohesion of  DAP-PAS-PKR won due to sweet promises, the weak administration of Pak Lah and betrayal from within.

The Illuminati already conduct their research and is well informed that Muslim Governance by the Malay can easily be defeated if all non-Malays united together towards the next polling box.

According to the CIA's 2004 information about Malaysia, the population as of 2004  consisted;   Malay 50.4%, Chinese 23.7%, indigenous 11%, Indian 7.1%, others 7.8%. By 2013  we the Malays will probably be outnumbered by non-Malays by a few percents.

The 50% Malays is further division by multiple political movements. Some supports UMNO, some went to PAS, others are worshiping the Statue of Brahma Anwar Ibrahim while the rests either stand on the fence or joined non-Malay based party such as DAP and other smaller parties in Sabah and  Sarawak.

Therefore in short, if all Chinese and Indian parties leave Barisan Nasional and join forces with DAP, then the non-Muslim league armed with strong financial provision will have enough strength to wrestle the political power from the Malays. And if that really happened then DAP will no longer need PAS and Anwar Ibrahim to fish the supports from the Malay Muslims population.

The blueprint revealed what will be done on or before 2013. After the completion of the first stage on the 12th General Election by which Anwar and KJ being pawned by Illuminati to cause the defeat of Barisan Nasional in 5 major states, the next stage will  no longer about winning the hearts of the Malay Muslim voters. Instead,  this is the critical stage of  winning the hearts of non-Malays voters.

This is supported by insiders information via  money audit trail that a huge amount of money -close to RM 8 billion-is being stashed in the hands of DAP Samsengs in Sarawak. Why the huge amount of money? To win the hearts of Dayaks-the Iban, Bidayuh and  Orang Ulu of  Sarawak? To further divide the Bumis into two camps of Muslim Bumis and Non Muslim Bumis?

In the next few years before the next general election we will witness this trend growing. DAP and the rest of opposition leaders (including their proxy  Anwar) will be vocal in the parliament in their attempt to be seen as the latest kung fu / tamil hero for the Chinese and Indian community. These issues of Ketuanan Melayu, Immigrant Cina, Isu Murtad, etc will be harped again and again and again with no sight at end. All Illuminist sleepers within UMNO and Barisan Nasional will carried out the mission in tandem with their colleagues in the Opposition.

In the Opposition camp,  PAS Illuminati cohorts with the likes of  Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang give out Wahhabi "fatwa"s to make HALAL the usage of Kalimah Allah to non Muslims. This is a concerted effort to further divide and weakened  the already embattled Muslims into two camps; the Sunni Muslims and  Wahhabis. Let me tell you that the Wahhabis are another product of Islam liberalisation via the deviated teachings of Ibn Tamiyyah!. 

For that reason, on UMNO camp. I am not too keen on the idea of fielding KJ and his cohorts- in- crime  as candidates in any constituency. They will become  political liabilities not winnable candidates! . I am also begging the Prime Minister to lend his ears and sack any non performing Barisan Minister. The first to come under guillotine is his own cousin Hishamuddin for opening the floodgate even wider after the first attempt during Pak Lah's time.

As predicted, UMNO will be abandoned by the Barisan coalition and all non-Malays. Some ungrateful and buta matahati   Malay Muslims who blame the government for being incompetent when handling the Bersih 1,2,3 riots- thanks to Hishamuddin who weaken the government from within and Wahhabi-Syiah -Islam liberated -team of Nik Aziz , Hadi Awang and Mat Sabu who lead the onslaught will be satistified that the UMNO- led Islamic government of Malaysia will be toppled like that of Uthmaniyah empire.  DAP will become the ruling party of Pakatan coalition, winning more than 2/3 majority-thanks to the stupidity of  Malay Muslims or shall I say the liberal Muslims with Syiah and Wahhabi Tok Gurus?

God forbids, nauzubillah,  after the 13th General Election, the Illuminati will finally control our beloved country. Due to our own stupidity we will have the first ever non-Malay Prime Minister. Secularism and separation of faith from governance will be initiated with the 2/3 Majority to amend the article 3(1) of the Constitution regarding Islam as official religion and due to secularism everywhere, our children will be tempted to worldly demands.
The situation will be completely different if DAP rule Malaysia. It does not matter how much money we have in the treasury, most of it will have to be spent on the prioritize Non-Malays first, which already consisting of 49.6% of the population (maybe more) and considering that Malaysia is large with 13 states and 3 Federal Territories to foot the bills, then one can imagine that there will not be much left as surplus to be spent on Malays and on Islamic Institutions. Further reading HERE

Already we are seing the bleeding of State coffers under PR- led Governments of Penang and Selangor. The Bayan Mutiara scandal is only the tip of iceberg. The main issue is to deny Malay Muslim  decent dwellings in Penang at affordable prices. This is proven by the latest statistics that some 18,000 Malay migrated out of Penang within a year period of 2009-2010  to escape high cost of living (Berita Harian, May 21, 2012).

Not to be outdone, the PR- led Selangor government deny UiTM the Semenyih campus. Yet the land which legally belong to Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Selangor was given as a site for the next Chinese vernacular school, another breeding ground for DAP to sow seed of hatred to young Malaysians of Chinese descent. The latest financial bleeding to hit once- rich- but- now- debt -ridden Selangor is  the RM 1 billion bail out of Talam Underwater Talam Trinity Land  and Selangor overpaid Trinity Corp for submerged land.

My question is why the bail out on Talam or better known these days as Trinity Corporation? Why make a loan  from CIMB of RM 392 million to cover the previous  RM 392 million of Trinity's debt? Why the land and asset swap from Trinity corporation to cover the second RM 392 million finds that most asset are "underwater". Why pay a much higher price for an asset which  has not been assessed its value by Ministry Of Finance. Why Selangor State Government deviated from  the standard procedure for all  state government!
Look again at the Trinity Corporation logo. Does the RM 1 billion bail out on Trinity Corporation is another underwater agenda to siphone state money for exclusive use of certain segment in Selangor that involves non Muslims?

Let me be bold here and say "Trinity" stands for coalition of Christians DAP-Liberal and Plural PKR - yet another liberal Wahhabi and Syiah PAS that make up the coalition government in Selangor!

Therefore it is my duty to call upon ALL Malay Muslims to bury their hacthed and let us STOP this damaging  domino effect....we can- by being united and reject politic based on hatred , divide and conquer of PAS , PKR and DAP!

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