Thursday, May 24, 2012

High Profile" Malays are a selfish bunch and prone to running amok and money game!!

I repeat, high Profile" Malays are a selfish bunch and prone to running amok and money game!!

Wonder how many more high ranking policemen are like Fauzi (middle), who just turned PAS just because he did not get a security licence?!
Former Attorney-General II, Yusof Zainal Abidin, who now helps BABI...wonder how he sleeps at night...he is a classic case of a Malay who is showing a typical amok syndrome!

Take the cases of former Federal CID chief Fauzi Shaari and former Attorney General II Yusof Zainal Abidin, I am sure both have been offered millions of ringgit to help smear the government of the day, by joining Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) quest to become this country first PM who is a confirmed bisexual and a sodomite.

Never mind their "civilised" answers to the questions of why they, after in the government for so long, now decided to turned around and sided with BABI, a man who will do anything to seize power?
Well the answer is not due to their political commitments but rather due to how much they are being paid. With BABI's financial largesse I am sure these two turncoats can now take foreign holidays with the family with so much happiness!!!
In the case of Fauzi, he was ridicule when interviewed, after he retired, when he tried to apply for security licence.

Sources told me he was angry wen told why almost all ex-policemen always get involved in security upon retirement?! So he did not get the licence.

So as Malays are prone to AMOK he probably said: "fu%k you government I will show you!!!" So he joined PAS and now tells non Malays that they must understand HUDUD.
.read here!

In the case of Yusof we now know why BABI won the second sodomy case and that was because Yusof who was a government prosecutor did not do his best to convict him. He always thought he could make a better AG..we now know why he was side stepped because he could not be trusted!!

Now we know why Gani Patail and the government do not trust him, that is because Yusof was a closet Pakatan supporter, or rather BABI's supporter.
Read here!

How can a former public prosecutor now, upon retirement, decided to become a defender of BABI, he is now a legal counsel for BABI on the ongoing charges of breaking the law while demonstrating.
Is this man Yusof Zainal Abidin not bound by oath of secrecy he took while he served the government!
Trust me there are many more such people still serving the government who are closet BABI's supporters and will blackmail the government that "if you don't help me with what I want when I retire I will join BABI", but mind you not that many but enough to cause Najib a headache.
Thus far we have ex-cabinet ministers who have been bought by BABI, ex-civil servant who have been bought by BABI, and many ex-military officers who have also been bought by BABI.

In the final analysis Malays who have served the government are a bunch of ingrates!!!
While they are prone to running AMOK they, these Malays, are slowly losing their power base and one day they will wake up and found out they have been ruled by the chauvinist Chinese, like in Penang and Singapore, and HIV positive infected choose MORONs!!!!!
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