Friday, April 27, 2012

No erection at Dataran Merdeka tomorrow ok?

Failed Erection  no 1 - DBKL prohibited such unruly assembly.

Failed Erection no 2- somebody has to find replacement for main actor to play out "the dead guy". That is the super climax of BERSEH 3.0. Suhardy is not willing to play the same infamous role after he was reprimanded by his then spiritual guru. Suhardy, the unruly spiritual mureed is not ashamed of his misconduct- for it  is unbecoming for a sufi to overthrow Ulil Amri (Muslim  leader). Please take note that  this guru IS NOT Nik Aziz nor Hadi Awang, ok!

Failed erection no 3- The Police has advised people to find alternative routes. Several road will be closed to facilitate Ops AMAN. The closed roads and public places  are as follows;

1-Dataran Merdeka
2-Stadium Merdeka
3-Jalan Raja Laut
4-Masjid Jamek and its vicinity
5-Jalan Imbi
6-Jalan Pinang
7-Jalan Tun Sambathan
8-Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Failed erection no 4- There is storm in the teacup for unholy alliance of DAP- PAS. Also there is a face off between colonial time police's son  Tunku Abdul Aziz vs thick headed, arrogant LGE. I believe it has more to do with mismatched  principle. It is better off for Tunku to quit DAP for DAP's true colour has been unveiled. (Tunku was roped into DAP to hype on his blue blood background and to increase DAP acceptance among the Malays). 

DAP's hope to turn BERSEH campaign to catapult their political campaign   will fail miserably and this will cost a few party bearers  chances to be elected / re-lect as their  party representative in the coming general election due fiasco in BERSEH 3.0 tomorrow.......there will definately be no erection at Dataran Merdeka ok?

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