Monday, July 18, 2011


O Allah! You shower favours on everyone

And no one can do any favour to You.

O The Possessor of Majesty and Honour,

O The Distributor of bounty and rewards,

There is no one worthy of worship, worthy of adoration except You.

You help the fallen, and provide refuge to the refugees

And give peace to those who are in distress.

O Allah! If in the Mother of All Books that is with You

You have written me down as someone who is

Doubtful of achieving salvation, or deprived,

Or rejected or without enough sustenance,

Then, O Allah, with Your Grace

Remove all of these misfortunes from me

and in the Mother of All Books that is with You,

establish me as someone who is blessed,

with abundant provision and charitable good deeds.

Indeed, what You said in The Book You sent

Through the tongue of Your Blessed Prophet is true

That Allah changes and establishes what He wants

And with Him is the Mother of All Books.

O My Lord! For the sake of Your Divine Manifestation

On this fifteenth night of the blessed month of Sha'ban

In which You issue all Wise and Irrevocable Decrees

Remove from us all calamities and hardships,

those that we know about as well as those that we don't,

while You know everything.

Truly, You are the Most Powerful, Most Generous.

And may Allah the Exalted shower blessings and peace on

His Holiness Muhammad, and on his family and his companions

And all praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds.


Allahumma Yaa Dhal Manni walaa yumannu 'Alayh

YaaDhal Jalaali wa'l Ikraam

Yaa Dhat-Tawli wa'l In'aam

Laa Ilaaha illa anta

Zahru'llaajeen wa jaaru'l mustajeereen wa amaanu'l khaaifeen

Allahumma in kunta katabtanee 'Indaka fee Ummil Kitabi

Shaqiyyan aw mahruman aw matrudan aw muqattaran 'alayya fi'rrizqi

Fa'mhuAllahumma biFadlika

Shaqaawatee wa hirmaanee wa tardee wa'qtitaara rizqee

Wa-athbitnee 'Indaka fee Ummil Kitabi

Sa'eedan marzuqan muwaffaqan li'lkhayraati Fa Innaka Qulta wa Qawluka'l Haqq

Fee Kitabika'l munzal 'alaa lisaani Nabiyyika'l Mursal

Yamhullahu maa Yashaa'u wa yuthbit

Wa 'Indahu Ummul Kitab

Ilaahi Bittajalli'l A'zam

Fee laylatin-nisfi min shahri Sha'ban al-Mukarram

Allatee yufraqu feehaa kullu amrin hakeemin wa yubram

An takshifa 'annaa mina'l ballaai wa'l balwaai

Maa na'lamu wa maa laa na'lam

Wa anta bihi a'lam

Innaka anta'l A'azzu'l Akram

Wa Sallallahu Ta'ala 'alaa Sayyidina Muhammad-in

Wa 'alaa aalihi wa as'haabihi wa sallam

Wa'l Hamdu Lillahi Rabbi'l 'Aalameen

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