Sunday, June 5, 2011

PAS -Invasion of body snatchers

I  have ONE comment on the recent PAS inter party  election:

Anwar has succeeded in turning PAS into HIS political vehicle.

With PKR facing its own bitter medicine in mantra number one as " the  alternative Malay based party " expiring, Anwar is reaping his fruits ......years of investment and bringing in his trojan horses of men and women from the school of liberal and plural thought on Islam, now is the harvest time as shown from the big margin won by ERDOGAN team in PAS!

Indeed it is proven that the venomous seeds of deceit and betrayal on Islam sown in the land of lust, greed and glutony of  PAS is an investment with hefty returns for Anwar and "his team of advisers". I do not have to further elaborate where the latter's advisers motives and agenda, for it is too transparent for all to see from the list of donors and sponsors that fill the party and its supporters' heavy coffers.

PAS is now saddled with more political  baggage . It is aptly termed that PAS now is being hailed as the anti thesis of Islam ASWJ (going against the traditional pondok movement).

Killing the image of Wahhabism (sown from PAS infant days a.k.a during Dr Burhanuddin Al Helmi at the helm)  by dismantling the two top heavy weights of pure Wahhabis on PAS highest hierarchy  is already a heavy liability to PAS. Now with the addition of Syiah- based  Mat Sabu as one of the top guns plus liberal thinking quatro combo of  Khalid Samad - Nizar Jamaluddin- Dr Zulkifli- Khalid Jaafar, PAS would be better off known as a very secular PAS- For- All- Non- Malay Muslim- based political party.

Forget the rhetoric cry that those who do vote for PAS follow the foot step of saints and deemed a "one way ticket to heaven". Those poor misled soul in "Arab robe- heavy moustache saints" may have exchange their pure soul for a few worldly gains. It is PAS' past sins that put PAS in a terrible state now- In their greed to grab power by all meants,  PAS commited cardinal sin in Islam;

Those who slander their fellow Muslim brothers and sister will be deemed kufr and have to shoulder the sins of their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters- Hadis Sahih Bukhari.

Maybe PAS forget too that those who are deemed mujassimah and those who  slander and put many a  blasphemous fitnah against their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters cannot be the IMAM-  Imam Syafie sayings.

For PAS finally is puting dirty foot of past sins in its mouth.

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