Monday, June 20, 2011

Are Singaporeans the most "disgusting and "irritating" bunch of people around?

Well, users of one blog in Chinese seem to think so.

The blog 'Lion City Life', which is supposedly frequented by foreign nationals from China based in Singapore, had conducted a poll seeking feedback from respondents on the most "disgusting and "irritating" people.
The blog which is said to have conducted the poll has been taken down. (Screengrab from Temasek Review)

Believed to be a poll starter, a person with the moniker of "sayangweiwei" had asked in Chinese, "Having been in Singapore, all must have met people from other countries. Which country's people are the most disgusting and irritating?"

Eight choices were provided, namely: Singaporean, Filipino, Malays, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese (China), Korean and Indian.

According to socio-political website Temasek Review, the results as reflected on Thursday showed that Singaporeans were voted as the most "disgusting and irritating" people with 48.15 percent of the votes, followed by Filipinos and Malays who garnered 7.41 percent and 5.94 percent of the votes, respectively.

When Yahoo! Singapore tried to visit the site on Friday, the blog had been taken down.

This "poll" comes as a German TV variety show Galileo attracted attention here for tongue-in-cheek references to Singaporeans' way of life.

In an episode aired in early May this year, the show's host had said, "Singaporeans are not just crazy, they are tremendously crazy."

Well at least that polls answer partly my instinct. Political leaders who are aligned to Singapore or have taken political tutelage in Singapore way of doing politics in Malaysia have been very unpopular here (Take a closer look at Lim Kuan Yew former political secretary Lim Kit Siang, his son and political protegees; Lim Guan Eng & Jeff Oii and Singapore trained- failed entrepreneur-given- second life- in- Malaysia ; Tony Pua )


Wake UP! said...

Salam. Singaporeans and ultra kiasus are the most disgusting and irritating bunch of people who wants everything for themselves.....

They want to conquer the world and give nothing back to others.

Anakbukitgantang said...

The kiasu attitude will kill them off slowly.. ...kiasu earns them money fast but ruins the reputation and long termed relationship. That explains why many foreign investors MOVED out to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam after the "Singapore experience"