Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tenang- welcome to Geisha factor in politics!

PAS tries to deviate from the normal modus operandi. At last the party realises that women sells. What make a woman candidate sell? Maybe at last PAS realises that a beautiful female candidate holds dearer  to many hearts than a male candidate...and this is their last resort to exit gracefully at Tenang by election.

MIC used to have Komala Devi representing Meru, Klang. UMNO has had Dr. Mashitah. In fact her posters were stolen frequently during the 11th general election. Learning from that, DAP put up poster girl Hannah Teoh who won the beauty pagent - oopps election against another MCA much plain female candidate. In fact, Malaysian politic is much more advance than  United States Of America (they were thrown choices to choose beautiful poster politician Sarah Palin as Vice President during last presidential election- and yes the Republican exit gracefully with the beautiful Sarah Palin landing herself hefty tv shows).

These are the tips learned from Geisha that make them unforgetable

"Red lips, white skin; quiet, passive, demure, yet sensual and seductive. What is it about the traditional Geisha that captures our hearts so? Is it the way her eyes are cast downwards making everyone she passes by want to catch a glimpse of them even more? Is it her silent sensuality that draws not only men but women as well to become fascinated? The Japanese have harbored Geisha for many, many years and even kept it a great secret to the outside world for almost as long. However, as with all secrets big or small, the elusive world of Japan's Geisha has been talked about more often in recent years.(and Cikgu Mala can be PAS best kept secret to exit-demure, poster girl type, not the typical motherly and heavy looking muslimah)

Take for example the novel by Arthur Golden, Memoirs Of A Geisha. After reading the story, were you not entranced by the culture and beauty of it all? Yet within the novel, we also learned how difficult life as a courtesan was (another word to describe Geisha) especially when the business of being a Geisha was at its prime".

At last PAS bows to marketing its candidate- and plans to exit gracefully at Tenang by choosing a poster girl candidate.

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