Monday, November 1, 2010

Kit Siang, Please Learn These Signs

Oppss I did it again (falling into the sea)
Call Kit Siang a politically blind man for he keeps on promoting his desire here

I would rather say "Allo Kit Siang, you better learn the signs of nature from these oldies but goodies signals your grandmama told you"

When the candidate fell twice into the sea we can only think of these grandmama words

1- "once beaten, twice shy" (about balancing act on a narrow and slick wooden "titi")

2- the poor guy (Ansari) was  left with "wet pants" (left in a lurch by party campaigners who resigned en mass)

3-it is "bad feng sui" to fall twice into the sea

4-like "rubbing salt into open wounds" (regarding the choice of candidate and the bickering that followed at KK airport)

5-"who says still water carry no harm?" (being near water is proven a bad omen for Ansari whenever his campaign trail is concern)

Aiyaaaa, in Chinese culture water being the significant other point for money, wealth and luck, this is no luck at all.....

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Anonymous said...

ha ha lepas ni kit siang pulak jatuh dalam laut pulau pinang gara gara anak dia