Sunday, October 24, 2010

Key Questions on organising "Islamic Fashions" event

So much noises has been made on Islamic Fashion; the recently concluded Islamic Fashion Festivals in Monaco....and  many people have been assassinated character wise.

 To solve this problem, first we have to look at large in the world of Islam. Islam in Malaysia is Sunni. Islam in  Indonesia is Sunni too. This is where the  first  2 Islamic Fashion Festivals started and end up without no controversy attached to the festivals.

But when the "Islamic Fashion Festivals" is staged overseas, did the  esteem  and learned organising committees take into consideration the  concept of Islamic Fashion in South East Asian countries might differ from the rest of the world....and a much worse error is to include the Prime Minister's (PM) this confusion.

When planning event always look at a clear cut concept, the choice of venue and logistics involved

There  are three mistakes attached to the Monaco Festival;
1- on the protocol side- is it proper to put the PM's Spouse as the Head Of The Committee instead of Honorary Chairperson with the specific  function to grace the event, which eventually give rise to character assasination of the person
2-second on the concept- what is safely termed Islamic Fashion
3- third on the choice of venue. Lebanon, Istanbul(Turkey) or even Dubai should have been a better venue because these are the fashion capital of  Islamic fashion. Since Islam is widely practiced here, there will be no issue of compromising the costumes to suit the crowd . Furtermore, these venues also received wide coverage in the media..Al Jazeera, CNN to name a few have headquarters here.

On The Concept of the festivals these are the  guidelines and key questions needed to be asked by the organising committee . Since our fellow readers have become "the learned jurors" in the past few days, please chip in your comments for any unfamiliar terminology used:

a-What is the acceptable definitions for Islamic Fashions worldwide

b-Are there differences in  what is termed "aurat" within  Islam's 4 main religious   sect/mazhab  such as Hambali, Syafie, Hanafi and Maliki

 c-What are the differences in aurat in Syiah, Sunni and Wahhabi? 

d-Who are authorise to stamp approvals  the criteria on Islamic Fashion-shall the syariah panel be set up for these purpose borrowing from experience in Islamic Financing?

e-Borrowing the terms from Islamic Investment Portfolio again, are there Islamic - adherence Fashion and Islamic -friendly Fashion?


Please help me find out the answers......

Guest Of Honor,  Honorary Chairperson and Head Of The Organising Committee

There are different functions for all three level. Guest of Honour simply grace the event.

Honorary Chairperson simply lend the charms so that the committee can function.

But the task of planning the concept, finding budgets and executing the event from start to last is on the shoulder of the Head Of The Organising Committee. 

With this hassle and unnecessary bad publicity, I would suggest the Bahagian Protocol, Adat Istiadat of Prime Ministers Department who has always be on the vanguard against such unscrupulous people misusing the name of VVIPs to vet strictly all future communications and would be event organisers  -therefore these fair weather people who want to (mis)used the names of our PM, DPM and their spouses on fine days but failed to stand up and defend their PM , DPM and spouses when embroiled in such events would be screened.

To all ministers, please be careful when lending your name or your spouse's  names in such events for it can be turned into political smear campaigns in the not so fairy tale land of Malaysia


abu mohsein said...


tulah pasal...dalam sunni tak ada mujtahid ....apa yang ada qiasss saja...ulamak yang mujtahid yang dapat dijadikan sumber rujukan tak ada....Masalah fiqh tu..dah berlarutan...sampai hari ni....kitab fiqah semasa pun tak ada.....Ulamak mazhab empat....semua dah meninggal...apa betulke kita semua ikut mazhab..mereka...Jgnlah kata Indonesia tu sunni...ada juga..dalamnya minoriti syiah...di malaysia juga...ada syiah yang minoriti....cuba baca....kitab2 perbandingan mazhab..tu...Imam Jaafar wa mazahibul arbaah......
Dalam dunia syiah...masalah fiqh...semua boelh rujuk mujtahid dan marjii masing2 berpuluh ulamak mujtahid boleh rujuk dan depa ada kitab2 fiqah masing2...terpulanglah nak taqlid ulama mana.....kan mudah tu....ada masalah terus boleh tanya online....dan pejabat mereka akan menjawabnya......itulah tanda keilmuan dari jalur ahl bait yang betul....

abu mohsein said...

Masalah kita di Malaysia dan dunia sunni masih lagi bergelumang dengan hal fiqh...sampai...ada islamic finance, islamic bank..dan semuanya islamic....cuba cek semula.....apakah benar semua tu islamic...
Di Iran umpamanya..mana ada disebut...sistem Islam....banknye ke...atau menamakan bank tu bank islam....kita ashik brand nama islam aje....bukan konten dan essential part of Islam.....keilmuan kita...masih jauh jika dibandingkan dengan ulamak2 Syiah...mengapa terjadi begini? sama2 fikirkan lah.....