Thursday, September 9, 2010

From 9/11 to Quran constant infighting among Moslems in Malaysia-what lies beneath?

Salam and Eid Mubarak.

On the eve of Islam's holiest day, Eidul Fitri, I wish to remind readers that this celebration is marred by unresolved conflicts and sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Pakistan, Chechens in Dargestan, Uigurs in China, Rohinyas in Myammar, Champa people in Cambodia/Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraqis and Kurdish people in Kurdistan.

Let us not forget that the Moslem world took a bad turn ever since the bombing of World Trade Centre in 9/11. The hatred campaign against Islam escalated the world over and moslems has been successfully painted as "terrorist". Forget the facts that some new evidence resurfaced recently that the bombing was "an inside job"

Moslem in Malaysia was not spared the backlash and the hatred campaign. If I were to say it aloud, my instuition told me that GE12/ PRU12 in 2008 was a concerted effort to overturn the Moslem-led government of the day-Barisan Nasional (by denying a two third majority in Parliament). Our political landscape has took a turn to the worst as Moslem fights each other over the usage of Kalimah Allah for non Moslems, Kafirun entering our holiest sites/the mosques etc. The constant in fighting among our Moslem brothers and sisters led us astray and little by little our Islamic benchmark has been lifted...the case in question is the "daylight land robbery" of Tanah Wakaf cum moslem cemetery in Seksyen 19 and 22 of Shah Alam, the issues of YBK /UiTM, murtad issues, the oppression of "Malay Moslem traditional settlers in Malay Kampungs" and commerce community in Penang, the sidelining of Malay Moslem business community in Selangor, the "planned" public embarrassment of Malay Moslem High Ranking civil servant in Penang and Selangor and many others..if one could only see "the peculiar pattern" in the way the destructive plan has unveiled....

It looks like the "grand design" of the real enemy of Islam, The Dajjal, has successfully infiltrate and embroidered their poisonous venom in Malay Moslem dominated political parties like UMNO and PAS. UMNO saddled by big loss of four states  in GE12/ PRU12 foolishly courting the Chinese community and create unnecessary tension among loyal Malay Moslem supporters who are entrenched in the teachings of Islam. PAS in the zestful quest for power, kneeled to an nafs and further liberated its views of Islam and the tenets of Islam by giving out "fatwas" that further damage Islam in the much so that the Erdogan team has overtake the pedestal of power in PAS and make Dewan Ulama a fool in issues such as Kalimah Allah and Kafirun entering mosque. One has to wonder too whether is this another grand design to destroy Islam from within as we know that many a high ranking PAS leaders subscribed to Wahabism...which recently is ruled mujassimah and deviated from Islamic akidah? (The fatwas were given by Al Azhar and more recently by JAIS in Selangor, Malaysia on 13 August 2010)

Let us not forget that The Malay Archipelago, which includes Malaysia has always intrigue colonial powers in the past. Our land is rich with gold, uranium and other precious mineral deposits...and let us not forget that the constant infighting among Malay Moslem, the largest ethnic race, in Malaysia will paralysed our political cloud -bringing crippling effect on religion, economy and social.... and will one day "invite" unnecessary intervention of foreign powers like what befall Malaya  in 1850 or worst still the fall of the Moslem empire in Andalusia.

May Allah guides us and bless our land and her people. May Allah bestow upon us "light" to further guide us to the right path. Salam Eidul Fitri to all readers.


The excerp from Quran burning campaign-

It's increasingly looking as though the only spiritual or political figure who will not denounce Florida pastor Terry Jones' plan to commemorate Sept. 11 by burning copies of the Quran is Jones himself. Wednesday brings the news that even the church Jones founded in Germany in the 1980s is condemning the upcoming Quran-burning at his small place of worship in Gainesville, Fla.

"We are surprised and shocked at the extreme radicalism being displayed [by Jones] right now on this issue," Stephan Baar of the Christian Community of Cologne told the Associated Press. The 60-member church kicked out Jones in 2008. Jones' estranged daughter says the eviction arose from her father's reported penchant for dipping into the church's till to pay his own expenses.

Jones' wish to burn hundreds of copies of the Islamic holy book has drawn a wide chorus of protests. Gen. David Petraeus said on Monday the action could hurt U.S. troops, while hundreds of Afghans protested in Kabul and burned Jones in effigy. The Gainesville Fire Department has denied Jones a permit for the event -- but the pastor says he plans to go ahead with it anyway.

Indeed, so many high-profile people have spoken out against the plan that they may now outnumber the fringe church's 50-member congregation, raising the question of whether the condemnations are magnifying the cause of a very small group of extremists.

Here's a partial list of people who have condemned the planned bonfire:

"It could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort," top commander in Afghanistan Gen. David Petraeus told the media. "It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems.

As "an act of patriotism," the media should not cover the burning, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said. She also said, "It's regrettable that a pastor in Gainesville, Florida, with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan, and get the world's attention":


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