Sunday, November 15, 2009

Syeikh Kickdefella's fury reveals Kelantan poor state of good governance!

There was a saying: Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned errr man (in this context)

The latest wrath of the "kicked" Syeikh Kicdefella revealed a secret that would have made every environmentalist worrying ....that the wealth of Kelantan forest; the fauna and flora is squandered by greedy politicians and bureaucratic arms of Kelantan State government in the name of Parti Islam Se Malaysia!

Read here under Tokey Teng, Nudin Awang and "George Michael"

Looks like Eli The Environmentalist (Elizabeth Wong the Selangor Exco) need not worry much should she ran out of job in Selangor, for she can always champion the environmentalist cause and concern on future water supply and climate change due to excessive and indiscriminate logging in Kelantan!

Also for those who champion the cause of getting rid this country on cronyism, corporate governance and corruptions, you could at least set up a temporary office in Kelantan to have a first hand report on the ills of Kelantan State government governing the state.

Many more delicious information about what not to follow on corporate governance and good governance can be divulged in this blog and

Indeed, today is a sad day for Malaysians....... because the sake of the people of Kelantan is at stake due to the mismanagement of the state's resources....

By now I do hope that every plain man realise that DS Najib has made the right decision in giving wang ehsan direct to the rakyat of KELANTAN instead of these greedy politicians and their cohorts.

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