Friday, April 29, 2011

The breakfast trifle that shock Malaysians

The breakfast trifle is great to start the day with.......unless you are counting the calories.

The sandwiched trifle of a different kind meets Malaysians, on a rainy Friday morning

Malaysians woke up with another kind of sweet breakfast trifle today. The "sandwiched version of human trifle" (I do not have to elaborate this...please)

No, it is NOT the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine (as she is to be addressed now).

It is the human version of the sandwiched trifle "made in Malaysia", first premiered at Carcosa Sri Negara, promoted by the Trio and  now making air waves in cyberspace, courtesy of several "berani mati" samurai bloggers.

Maybe the famous words from Lingam video shall remind you of this "looks like me, sound like me, but it ain't me"

Will the above said slogan still be able to hold fire against "after dawn attack" on err the main player cum actor, Mr. Anwar?

We shall see after the sumpah Muhabalah at noon by one of the trios, Mr Eskay.

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Anonymous said...

haha.means anwar=lingam??? mayb u r right.bcz anwar is not pure MALAY.share 50% DNA w lingam.really???yes..ask him then.